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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 hour 7 min ago

Tails 5.1 Anonymous OS Improves the Tor Connection Assistant, Updates to Tor

Monday 6th of June 2022 07:10:08 AM
Debian-based Tails 5.1 GNU/Linux distribution for browsing the Internet anonymously has been released today with various improvements, bug fixes, updated components, and other changes.

How to Setup and Manage VirtualBox VMs on a Headless Server

Monday 6th of June 2022 04:58:37 AM
VirtualBox is free cross-platform virtualization software that may be installed as application software on any operating system. This guide explains how to install and configure VirtualBox on a remote headless server and remotely control its virtual machines with the RemoteBox app.

The June 2022 Issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine

Monday 6th of June 2022 02:47:06 AM
The PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the June 2022 issue.

Ubuntu-Based Escuelas Linux 7.5 Released with Linux Kernel 5.17, Updated Apps

Monday 6th of June 2022 12:53:58 AM
The developers behind Escuelas Linux have released today Escuelas Linux 7.5 as the latest stable update to this educational-oriented GNU/Linux distribution derived from Ubuntu/Bodhi Linux and featuring the Enlightenment-based Moksha desktop environment.

Attract contributors to your open source project with authenticity

Sunday 5th of June 2022 10:42:27 PM
It's not a secret that maintaining an open source project is often thankless and time-consuming work. However, I've learned that there's one shared joy among open source maintainers: They love building with a group of technologists who passionately believe in their vision.

Ronetix provides i.MX8M based compact SOMs solutions

Sunday 5th of June 2022 08:30:56 PM
Ronetix has recently released a large System on Module portfolio based on NXP processors. For example, the i.MX8MN-COMPACT-CM is based on the cost effective NXP i.MX8M-NANO while the i.MX8M-MINI-CM is based on the multicore NXP i.MX8M-MINI.

13 Compelling Reasons Why People Use Linux

Sunday 5th of June 2022 06:19:25 PM
There are many advantages to using Linux, besides being a low-cost solution, the platform stands out for being a highly stable and secure solution and for having a large community of developers who work to make it even more reliable. In this article we will talk about some of the main reasons why people use Linux.

How to remove duplicate lines in a text file

Sunday 5th of June 2022 04:07:54 PM
As you know, it’s not possible for an individual to sort out and remove duplicate lines from the file one by one, and literally, it will be very tedious work to do, so to rescue this, you have a special tool called "sort" and "uniq" in Linux, and from the name itself, you have realized what the purpose of this tool is. Apart from that, you will also learn how to use the awk command to find duplicate lines.

How To Reset Or Recover Root User Password In FreeBSD

Sunday 5th of June 2022 02:11:14 PM
Have you forgotten the FreeBSD root user password? Worry not! This brief guide explains the procedure to reset or recover root user password in FreeBSD.

Why Do Enterprises Use and Contribute to Open Source Software

Sunday 5th of June 2022 11:59:43 AM
When people find out I work at the Linux Foundation they invariably ask what we do? Sometimes it is couched around the question, As in the Linux operating system? I explain open source software and try to capture the worldwide impact into 20 seconds before I lose their attention. If they happen to stick around for more, we often dig into the question, Why would enterprises want to participate in open source software projects or use open source software? The reality is – they do, whether they know it or not. And the reality is thousands of companies donate their code to open source projects and invest time and resources helping to further develop and improve open source software.

Trevor Project’s Kevin Wong Shares What’s In His Corner of the Internet

Sunday 5th of June 2022 09:48:12 AM
Here at Mozilla, we are the first to admit the internet isn’t perfect, but we are also quick to point out that the internet is pretty darn magical. The internet opens up doors and opportunities, allows for people to connect with others, and lets everyone find where they belong — their corners of the internet. […]

ICP NV1 Network Video Recorder features Tiger-Lake processor and iRIS Xe GPU

Sunday 5th of June 2022 07:36:41 AM
Germany based ICP unveiled a Network Video Recorder built around Intel’s 11th Gen Core (Tiger-Lake) combined with Xe graphics processor unit. The NVI supports up to 64GB DDR4 RAM (dual SO-DIMM slots) available in commercial grade and industrial grade.

How static linking works on Linux

Sunday 5th of June 2022 05:47:49 AM
Code for applications written using C usually has multiple source files, but ultimately you will need to compile them into a single executable. You can do this in two ways: by creating a static library or a dynamic library (also called a shared library). These two types of libraries vary in terms of how they are created and linked. Your choice of which to use depends on your use case.

Armbian 22.05 added support to Orange PI, Banana, and other arm devices

Sunday 5th of June 2022 03:58:57 AM
Armbian community has rolled up a new version of Armbian 22.05 after three months of v(22.02). In this release, they have added support to several arm devices like DevTerm A06, Orange Pi R1+ LTS, Orangepi 3 LTS, Radxa Rock 3A, and Zero. Apart from that, they have even made improvements to the Allwinner A20, Allwinner H5, Odroid N2, and Orange Pi Zero.

Titan Linux: A Blend of Debian Stable and KDE Plasma

Sunday 5th of June 2022 02:10:05 AM
A review of Titan Linux which is a mix of Debian stable branch with lightweight KDE Plasma desktop and brings additional tools.

Fedora Linux editions part 1: Official Editions

Sunday 5th of June 2022 12:21:13 AM
Fedora Linux provides several variants to meet your needs. You can find an overview of all the Fedora Linux variants in my previous article Introduce the different Fedora Linux editions. This article will go into a little more detail about the Fedora Linux official editions. There are five editions — Fedora Workstation, Fedora Server, Fedora IoT, Fedora CoreOS, and Fedora Silverblue. The Fedora Linux download page currently shows that three of these are official editions and the remaining two are emerging editions. This article will cover all five editions.

Help Shape Fedora Linux’s Future by Taking the Fedora Contributor Survey 2022

Saturday 4th of June 2022 10:09:42 PM
Good news for fans of the Fedora Linux distribution as the official 2022 Fedora survey is now live for those of you who want to help shape Fedora Linux’s future.

Getting started with RHEL 9, interpreting system log files, and more sysadmin tips

Saturday 4th of June 2022 08:06:30 PM
May 2022 was another excellent month for Enable Sysadmin. During the month, we published 22 new articles and received nearly 590,000 reads from more than 400,000 readers across the site.

Essential System Tools: btop++ – resource monitor

Saturday 4th of June 2022 06:17:38 PM
btop++ is an alternative to top. It’s a resource monitor that shows usage and stats for processor, memory, disks, network and processes. It’s a continuation of bashtop and BpyTOP. It’s free and open source software written in C++.

6 deprecated Linux commands and the tools you should be using instead

Saturday 4th of June 2022 04:28:46 PM
In software development, things change at incredible speed due to improvements in hardware and environments. For the same reason, tools change. Sometimes, older tools do not adapt well to changes, so they eventually fade and are replaced by other utilities (with the debatable point of the new tools being better than the previous ones).

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How to install latest GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) on Linux

If you are looking for an alternative to Adobe Photoshop without burning a hole in your pocket, then go for the GIMP, which is totally free to use, and importantly, it’s available for all major platforms like Microsoft Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and, of course, Linux.x Read more

EndeavourOS Artemis 22.6 released

EndeavourOS is a rolling-release Linux distro based on Arch Linux. Although the project is relatively new, having started in 2019, it's the successor to an earlier Arch-based distro called Antergos, so it's not quite as immature as its youth might imply. It's a little more vanilla than Antergos was – for instance, it uses the Calamares cross-distro installer. EndeavourOS hews more closely to its parent distro than, for example, Manjaro, which we looked at very recently. Unlike Manjaro, it doesn't have its own staging repositories or releases. It installs packages directly from the upstream Arch repositories, using the standard Arch package manager pacman. It also bundles yay to easily fetch packages from the Arch User Repository, AUR. The yay command takes the same switches as pacman does, so if you wanted to install, say, Google Chrome, it's as simple as yay -s google-chrome and a few seconds later, it's done. Read more

Ubuntu Touch OTA-23 Rolls Out to All Supported Ubuntu Phones, This is What’s New

Ubuntu Touch OTA-23 comes more than four months after the Ubuntu Touch OTA-22 software update to add more improvements and fix various issues that prevent you from using your Ubuntu Phone device on a daily basis. Highlights include FM Radio support for BQ E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, BQ E5 HD Ubuntu Edition, and Xiaomi Note 7 Pro smartphones through the FM Radio App, enables wireless display support for Halium 9 and later devices, as well as hardware decoding support on the Jingpad ARM-based Linux tablet in the Media Player App. Read more

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