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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 hour 18 min ago

How to Install Ansible on Ubuntu 22.04

1 hour 32 min ago
In this guide you are going to learn how to install Ansible on a Ubuntu 22.04 server and configure it to connect to remote servers on Google cloud and AWS instances.

10 basic cat commands in Linux with examples

2 hours 46 min ago
The “cat” command is a shortcut of the word “concatenate” and is a very useful command that is frequently used, by system administrators and DevOps engineers.

10 Fun Free and Open Source Turn-Based Strategy Games

4 hours 1 min ago
Turn-based strategy games require intelligence and the ability to come up with an innovative plan that will leave the competition mesmerized.

A programmer's guide to GNU C Compiler

5 hours 15 min ago
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the steps it takes to produce a binary file so that when something goes wrong, you know how to step through the process to resolve problems.

SENSE, an affordable multipurpose sensor board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

6 hours 29 min ago
The SENSE is a compact board loaded with several sensors to gather data from the environment. The device also integrates a battery backed RTC (Real Time Clock) and an SD card socket to enable easy data logging. The product was developed by a seventeen-year-old electronics enthusiast and president of his high school’s robotic team, Zack Seifert.

What is AWS CloudTrail and how to use it

7 hours 44 min ago
AWS CloudTrail helps to enable compliance, governance, and risk auditing of your AWS account. Whatever actions that are carried out or performed using AWS IAM User, IAM Role, or an AWS service are recorded as events in AWS CloudTrail.

How I got started with RHEL

8 hours 58 min ago
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) celebrated its 20th anniversary days before RHEL 9 was released. See how some of our top authors evolved from "what's this?" to power users.

How To Add, Delete And Grant Sudo Privileges To Users In Fedora 36

10 hours 12 min ago
This guide explains how to add, delete and grant sudo privileges to users in Fedora 36 desktop and server editions.

FreeBSD 13.1 is out for everything from PowerPC to x86-64

11 hours 27 min ago
The latest version of FreeBSD, 13.1, was released this week for both 32 and 64-bit forms of x86, Arm, POWER – and 64-bit RISC-V. FreeBSD is one of the oldest open-source Unixes that's still actively maintained and is directly descended from the original BSD Unix developed at the University of California at Berkeley in the 1970s: the Berkeley System Distribution.

How To Add, Delete And Grant Sudo Privileges To Users In Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

12 hours 41 min ago
This tutorial explains how to add, delete and grant Sudo privileges to users in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS edition.

What is AWS GuarDuty and how to use it

13 hours 43 min ago
AWS GuardDuty is a continuous security monitoring service. It analyzes and processes the AWS CloudTrail management event logs, VPC Flow Logs, CloudTrail S3 data event logs, and DNS logs. In this article, we will see the step to enable AWS GuardDuty and then disable it.

Customize GNOME 42 with A Polished Look

14 hours 44 min ago
This article shows how you can customize GNOME 42 with Materia theme, Kora icons, Bibata cursors and extensions.

Understanding Linux System Calls With the strace Command

Friday 20th of May 2022 04:50:26 AM
When programs running on Linux want to use the resources managed by the operating system (reading files, creating processes, etc.), they make system calls to the OS. System calls work at the kernel level and perform the necessary operations, leaving control back to the calling program. The strace tool provides the ability to trace these system calls on Linux.

Use this open source screen reader on Windows

Friday 20th of May 2022 03:36:06 AM
In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, learn about the NVDA open source screen reader and how you can get involved to improve accessibility for all web users.

Mesa 22.1 Released with Improvements for Elden Ring, Apex Legends, Zink, and More

Friday 20th of May 2022 02:21:45 AM
Today, the Mesa 22.1 open-source graphic stack series has been released as another significant update for open-source graphics drivers on GNU/Linux distributions bringing many new features and improvements.

My DEI Journey

Friday 20th of May 2022 01:07:25 AM
After watching the first Making Our Strong Community Stronger panel on “How Personal Experiences Shape Corporate Inclusion,” I was very interested in the topic and engaged my management team to see what I could do to help in the effort. As a result, I was given the opportunity to participate in the second panel discussion focused on UNMASKING in the work place. I was very eager to participate as I felt the panel would be a great way for me to share my experiences.

Near zero marginal cost societies and the impact on why we work

Thursday 19th of May 2022 11:53:05 PM
As the IoT becomes our working and living environment, energy costs will come closer to zero and community collaboration will be critical.

How to Install and Use Bitwarden on Linux

Thursday 19th of May 2022 10:38:45 PM
A password manager is an application that lets you generate new passwords and store existing ones securely. It eliminates the need to create and remember strong and complex passwords yourself for all your accounts.

KDE Plasma 5.25 Beta Is Here with Floating Panels, New Customization Options, and More

Thursday 19th of May 2022 09:46:54 PM
The KDE Project released today the public beta version of the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.25 desktop environment series, which promises numerous new features, improvements, and more customization options.

How to Install Google Chrome on AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux

Thursday 19th of May 2022 08:32:34 PM
Google Chrome is a modern web browser that is fast, simple, and safe. However, because it is not an open-source browser, it is rarely included by default on any Linux distribution and is usually not available for installation from official repositories. This tutorial will cover installing the Google Chrome web browser on AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux in a few easy-to-follow steps.