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It’s Board Election Time at Open Source Initiative Again

Friday 10th of March 2023 06:22:09 PM
If this is March, it must be election time at OSI. This year, two individual seats and one affiliate seat are in the running. The post It’s Board Election Time at Open Source Initiative Again appeared first on FOSS Force.

Elementary OS 7’s Latest Update Enhances Functionality

Friday 10th of March 2023 06:10:44 PM
elementary OS 7’s Files app and Network Indicator just got even better. Here's what's new!

How to Install Pulsar Edit IDE on Manjaro Linux

Friday 10th of March 2023 06:00:47 PM
Learn how to easily install Pulsar Edit IDE on your Manjaro Linux system using the Arch Linux User Repository and Manjaro pamac AUR helper. The post How to Install Pulsar Edit IDE on Manjaro Linux appeared first on Linux Today.

Linux 6.4 Slated To Start Removing Old, Unused & Unmaintained PCMCIA Drivers

Friday 10th of March 2023 06:00:25 PM
Queued up ahead of the Linux 6.4 cycle this spring is removing all of the PCMCIA "char" drivers as part of a broader effort to remove PCMCIA socket and card driver code where there is no apparent users remaining...

SoftwareOne CIO Pulse Report Identifies 2023 Budgets & Priorities

Friday 10th of March 2023 06:00:00 PM
The good news is that most CIOs expect 2023 IT budgets to increase. The bad news is most CIOs report that they have to stretch budgets further than ever.

How Open source can Help Healthcare Services in Low-Resource Environment

Friday 10th of March 2023 05:43:41 PM
Open source software is rapidly gaining ground as a cost-effective alternative to proprietary software. In developing countries with limited resources, open source software can be the key to improving healthcare services. In recent years, we have published several blog posts about open-source solutions that have gained a wide audience in

Protocol-Based Social Media Is Having A Moment As Meta, Medium, Flipboard, And Mozilla All Get On Board

Friday 10th of March 2023 05:36:42 PM
Over the last couple of weeks there have been a number of interesting developments regarding protocol-based, decentralized social media, and each time I plot out an article about it, something else pops up to add to the story, including Thursday evening as I finally started writing this and news broke that Meta (parent company of […]

Director, Technology Policy and Projects

Friday 10th of March 2023 05:27:57 PM
The Director, Technology Policy & Projects leads part of the Public Interest Technology team’s work in privacy, competition, government surveillance, and cybersecurity, along with the development of our Privacy Badger software. The Director, Technology Policy & Projects and their team help other EFF teams understand the technology at the heart of our activism and legal work; engage and write on technology policy and digital rights issues; and program some of EFF’s software and tools. The Director, Technology Policy & Projects works in partnership with the Director of Engineering, Certbot and the PIT Director to ensure the entire PIT team is working effectively and efficiently as a team and within EFF as a whole.   Essential Functions: Programmatic Lead from a technical-policy perspective issues such as privacy, competition, telecommunications, government surveillance, cybersecurity, and international matters. Ensure that the team does work that supports EFF in an accurate, efficient, and timely fashion Works with the Director of Public Interest Technology to prioritize team resources, and match tactics and strategies to goals Assign projects, priorities, and work to direct reports and ensure work meets quality and quantity expectation and hits deadlines, working with other team managers as necessary Ensures the team helps meet the technology policy needs of other teams across EFF Facilitates communication and problem-solving within the team and with the team’s collaboration with other teams Outreach and interface with external partners, companies, policymakers, and regulators to promote our policies and work, steer them to EFF goals, and improve the state of digital civil liberties Help lead or participate in a number of internal EFF Working Groups. Help with media interviews/press calls (1-4 per month), write blog posts (1 per month), and do speaking engagements (4x per year). Management Weekly check-ins with direct reports, assisting with time and resource management, and offering candid feedback Briefs the PIT Director about the team’s work, new developments, challenges, and personnel issues during weekly 1:1 meetings. Assist direct reports in time and workload management, helping them complete day-to-day tasks while building skills to take on additional work and monitor workload to ensure that direct reports are not overwhelmed Offer candid feedback to direct reports about where they need to grow as well as where they are excelling, including through weekly one-on-ones and annual feedback reviews Assign projects, priorities, and work to direct reports and ensure they hit any deadlines, working with other team managers as necessary. Ensure the quality and quantity of the work of direct reports Document performance issues and address them promptly up to and including termination, in partnership with Human Resources Serve as the hiring manager for any vacancies or departures on your team Qualities We’re Seeking (i.e. Competencies) Strong management skills on large and complex technical projects. Strong knowledge on EFF issues related to this position. Strong time and project management skills. Strong leadership skills. Strong collaboration skills with cross-functional and diverse teams. Must demonstrate care and respect toward coworkers, outside partners, members of the public, donors, and others with whom this role interacts. Must work to positively and collaboratively resolve conflicts and overcome challenges. Must have effective skills at oral and written communication. Must be able to understand and articulate with accuracy EFF’s mission, positions, and work. Must be available and responsive to colleagues, outside partners and others over email, phone, and online chat, with the ability to respond and reliably to time-sensitive opportunities during agreed upon work hours. Contributes to the creation of a diverse, equitable and inclusive work culture that encourages and celebrates differences including race, ethnicity, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion, disability and socio-economic circumstance. Required Education & Experience Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in a technical field. Significant experience managing technical teams that interact with cross-functional teams in an organization. Experience in meeting facilitation Preferred Education & Experience Management training or education. Technical and/or policy experience in privacy and/or surveillance issues and technologies. Work experience in diverse settings that include not only different backgrounds but countries and cultures. Classification: Exempt, Full-time (40 hours per week) Compensation:  $140,000 to $150,000 Expected hours of work: Typically Monday - Friday Reports to:  Director of Public Interest Technology Supervisory responsibilities: Approximately five people Physical Demands:  This position requires the ability to lift up to 10 lbs on occasion. Location:  You may work from San Francisco or you may work from another U.S. location. This position will need to keep Pacific time zone hours. Click Here to Apply! Commitment to Diversity As an advocacy organization, EFF is committed to being part of a diverse community. Diversity of life experiences makes a big difference in how we identify and litigate legal issues, design privacy-enhancing software, and organize our activism. To that end, we deliberately seek applicants with different perspectives, identities, and experiences to build an inclusive workplace to better inform our advocacy and defense of freedom in our digital world. EFF is an equal opportunity employer and encourages people of all races, genders, ages, abilities, orientations, ethnicities, and national origins to apply. Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records.

siduction 2022.1.1 “Masters of War” Arrives with Linux Kernel 6.2 and KDE Plasma 5.27

Friday 10th of March 2023 05:05:43 PM
siduction 2022.1.1 has been released today as a maintenance update to the siduction 2022.1 “Masters of War” series released last year in December, adding new GNU/Linux technologies and updated components.

5 Best Arch Linux Distros for Everyone

Friday 10th of March 2023 05:00:46 PM
Discover the best Arch Linux distros for your use case, compare their features, and choose the best for yourself. The post 5 Best Arch Linux Distros for Everyone appeared first on Linux Today.

Box86 v0.3 & Box64 v0.2.2 Released For Running Linux x86/x86_64 Programs On Arm

Friday 10th of March 2023 04:30:00 PM
In addition to this week seeing new releases of FEX-Emu and Hangover for open-source projects aiming to run x86/x86_64 binaries on 64-bit Arm, the Box86 and related Box64 projects are out today with their own feature updates for helping to enable x86 and x86_64 Linux binaries on Arm systems...

Grafana Labs Observability Survey: Centralization Saves Time and Money

Friday 10th of March 2023 04:14:00 PM
The survey finds that organizations continue to use many different observability tools to gain insights into operations, which can lead to complexity.

Stig: A TUI and CLI for the BitTorrent Client Transmission

Friday 10th of March 2023 04:00:44 PM
Looking for a terminal-based bittorrent client that can do all your work with the essence of a GUI? Then, Stig BitTorrent Client is for you. The post Stig: A TUI and CLI for the BitTorrent Client Transmission appeared first on Linux Today.

Get 'Modern API Development with Spring and Spring Boot' (worth $33.99) FREE for a limited time

Friday 10th of March 2023 03:25:27 PM
The philosophy of API development has evolved over the years to serve the modern needs of enterprise architecture. Developers need to know how to adapt to these modern API design principles. Apps are now developed with APIs that enable ease of integration for the cloud environment and distributed systems. With this Spring book, you'll discover various kinds of production-ready API implementation using REST APIs and explore async using the reactive paradigm, gRPC, and GraphQL. SEE ALSO: Get 'Microsoft Project For Dummies' for FREE You'll learn how to design evolving REST-based APIs supported by HATEOAS and ETAGs and develop reactive, async,… [Continue Reading]

Command to Install Tasksel on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04

Friday 10th of March 2023 03:09:29 PM
What is the purpose of Tasksel? Tasksel on Ubuntu, Debian, or Linux Mint is a popular open-source tool for those who want to use a single command for installing multiple packages. The working and command line of Tasksel is quite easy, unlike APT package manager, ... Read more The post Command to Install Tasksel on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04 appeared first on Linux Shout.

Step-by-Step Guide: Install Linux Kernel 6.2 on Rocky Linux 9, 8

Friday 10th of March 2023 03:00:43 PM
Discover how to install Linux kernel 6.2 on Rocky Linux 9 and 8, and take advantage of the latest features and improved performance. The post Step-by-Step Guide: Install Linux Kernel 6.2 on Rocky Linux 9, 8 appeared first on Linux Today.

[$] Interview: the FreeCAD Project Association

Friday 10th of March 2023 02:57:43 PM
The sustainability of free software continues to be mostly uncharted waters. No team is the same as any other, so copying, say, the Blender Foundation’s approach to governance will, most likely, not work for other projects. But there is value in understanding how various non-commercial organizations operate in order to make informed decisions for the governance of new ones. In late 2021, the FreeCAD team launched the FreeCAD Project Association (FPA) to handle the various assets that belong to this free 3D CAD project. In this interview, Yorik van Havre, a longtime FreeCAD developer — and current president of the Association — guides us through the process of starting and managing the FPA.

Calibrate your Monitor with these Open Source Tools

Friday 10th of March 2023 02:52:02 PM
If you value image quality and accuracy, calibration of your monitor will be important. These tools ensure your monitor is calibrated. The post Calibrate your Monitor with these Open Source Tools appeared first on LinuxLinks.

MachineWare at Embedded World 2023

Friday 10th of March 2023 02:51:37 PM
At Embedded World 2023 MachineWare presents SIM-V, an ultra-fast, SystemC TLM based, parallel-enabled, RISC-V instruction set simulator for early embedded software development and verification. SIM-V combines unprecedented simulation performance with...

Empowering RISC-V with open source innovation from Ubuntu

Friday 10th of March 2023 02:50:31 PM
We are proud to join RISC-V at Embedded World again in 2023! Our team will demo Ubuntu on RISC-V boards as well as demonstrate the potentials of open source innovation with our partners.  Linux Made Easy on RISC-V with Ubuntu Open standards and collaboration are strategic to hardware and software across industries and geographies. Open source and standards have reshaped our world in the last decade. RISC-V is the most prolific and open Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) in history, which has led the hardware community to embrace open standards and collaboration at this level. This open ISA enables a new era of processor innovation through open-standard collaboration with rapid industry-wide adoption. While RISC-V enables stable reference architectures and hardware, running stable software on new boards can still be challenging. The cornerstone of the necessary software is the underlying Operating System (OS), which provides reliability and stability. This demand makes development on Linux even more attractive since Linux is the most popular OS for developers and hobbyists across kernels, drivers, and distributions. At Canonical, we believe that open source is the best way to accelerate innovation. It motivates us to enable a wide range of open source communities under the Ubuntu umbrella. However, open source software comes with its own set of challenges. Canonical aims to position Ubuntu as not just the reference OS for innovators and developers but also as the vehicle to enable them to take their products to market faster by letting them focus on their core application without worrying about the stability of the underlying frameworks.  Canonical has worked with silicon partners in the RISC-V ecosystem to bring Ubuntu to multiple RISC-V development boards. With the collaboration, Ubuntu is available on a variety of RISC-V development boards, including SiFive’s Unmatched and Unleashed, Allwinner’s Nezha D1, StarFive’s VisionFive, Sipeed’s LicheeRV and Microchip PolarFire® SoC FPGA Icicle Kit. Explore more with us at Embedded World Canonical’s experts will bring two sessions at Embedded World 2023 to illustrate our scope at RISC-V.   Title: How to get RISC-V hardware fully “powered up” with excellent, secure and maintainable software Speaker: Steve Barriault, Vice-President Field Engineering IoT Session details: Wednesday, March 15, 11:30 – 11:45, RISC-V booth 1-550 Abstract: It is a truism in the market that the best hardware does not always win races. A solid library of code that can be trusted and maintained is decisive for RISC-V to fulfil its promises. In this talk, Steve will discuss Canonical’s current efforts and future plans to help the community deliver innovative and secure RISC-V -based solutions.   Title: Ubuntu on RISC-V Speaker: Heinrich Schuchardt, RISC-V Lead Engineer Session details: Tuesday, March 14, 11:00 – 11:15, RISC-V booth 1-550 Abstract: Delivering a Linux distribution for an architecture in plain development is an exciting journey. In this talk, Heinrich will describe the challenges and opportunities encountered while driving the RISC-V support in Ubuntu forward.