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Graphics: Intel, Mali and PEC Graphics Performance Characterization Group (SPECgpc)

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  • Intel Sends Out Initial Linux Graphics Driver Support For "Elkhart Lake"

    It's busy as ever for the open-source Intel Linux graphics driver developers bringing up support for upcoming hardware like the recently published driver patches for Comet Lake, continuing to tweak the maturing Icelake "Gen 11" graphics, and also plotting the necessary re-engineering of the driver needed to bring-up Intel's in-development "Xe" discrete graphics. And Intel developers this evening sent out their initial enablement work for Elkhart Lake.

  • An overview of the Panfrost driver

    During the past few months, significant progress has been made on the Open Source Arm Mali GPU driver front, culminating in the Panfrost driver now being available for Mali T and G-series of GPUs.

  • SPECgpc releases Linux Edition of SPECviewperf 13 benchmark

    The SPEC Graphics Performance Characterization Group (SPECgpc) has released a Linux Edition of its SPECviewperf 13 benchmark. SPECgpc members include AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo and Nvidia.

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