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Genode OS Framework 20.02

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  • Release notes for the Genode OS Framework 20.02

    This year's road map is all about making Genode and Sculpt OS more approachable. It turns out that the first release of the year already pays tribute to that goal. First, it equips Sculpt OS with a much more logical and welcoming graphical user interface (Section Redesign of the administrative user interface of Sculpt OS). Second, it greatly reduces the friction when hosting existing applications on Genode by smoothening several rough edges with respect to POSIX compatibility, and by generally improving performance.

    Most topics of the release are closely related to Sculpt. The biggest break-though is certainly the ability of running Sculpt OS on 64-bit ARM hardware (Section Sculpt OS on 64-bit ARM i.MX8 hardware) along with our custom virtual machine monitor (VMM). On PC hardware, Sculpt users can enjoy an updated audio driver and optimizations of the Seoul VMM. Furthermore, Sculpt's window manager received the much anticipated ability to use virtual desktops.

  • Genode OS 20.02 Released With Continued Improvements To Sculpt OS

    he developers of this original open-source operating system have been working on i.MX ARM support recently, which is now in working order including for its Sculpt OS.

    Sculpt OS itself remains a big focus as the developers work to make it more user-friendly and all around enhancing the usability of this original OS attempt. An updated image of the OS will be released soon with among the lower-level improvements being the inclusion of OpenBSD 6.6 audio driver coverage, support for virtual desktops, and Seoul VM monitor support.

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17.5 Years!

Tux Machines started in 2004. We're soon entering 2022.

AS we noted about a month ago, today is a very special day because it's a decimally-significant (quarter decade times seven) anniversary for us as we approach our 160,000th site node. Meaningful milestones are rare; they're superficial, but they help morale.

Tux Machines microwaveThanks to all those who regularly contribute stories (Marius, Arindam etc.) and to readers who have been gathering news about GNU/Linux through Tux Machines for as long as we've existed. Since our last server reboot we've served 115 million hits. Since the birth of the site it certainly adds up to several billions. Maybe we'll have over 200,000 nodes some time before our 20-year anniversary. Time will tell...

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