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Games: Total War Saga: TROY, Gang Beasts and Good 3D Python Game Engines

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  • Total War Saga: TROY is now a 12 month Epic Games Store exclusive

    Total War Saga: TROY, a game that was confirmed to be coming to Linux, is now going to start life as an Epic Games Store exclusive for the first year.

    For the Linux version, this would mean a total delay because Epic have no plans to support Linux on their store officially. Creative Assembly announced it will release on EGS in August and be free for 24 hours, with Steam to follow a year later.

    We were due to get it "shortly after Windows" originally but now it's entirely unclear. Feral Interactive, the company who work with Creative Assembly to port various titles to Linux and macOS were the company doing Total War Saga: TROY. I spoke to them today but they simply mentioned they have "nothing we can share regarding A Total War Saga: TROY on macOS or Linux".

  • Boneloaf to self-publish Gang Beasts going forwards, updates coming

    Game developer Boneloaf has announced plans to self-publish Gang Beasts, as they split off from Double Fine Presents since it's winding down. This is as a result of Double Fine becoming part of Microsoft back in 2019, it didn't really make sense for Double Fine to continue to publish other games.

    In an official post amusingly titled 'Boneloaf take Double Fine to a fancy restaurant so they won't make a big scene', they make it clear that it's a positive situation as Double Fine have given them great support but going forwards they will be taking on all control of Gang Beasts publishing.

  • Good 3D Python Game Engines

    Finding a framework for 3D game engines made for and with Python can prove very difficult. The reason for this is that Python quickly runs into performance issues when complexity increases. Fast graphics rendering is not what Python does best. However, since Python is very good for creating the logic and is quite popular, you have many options to run frameworks written in C++.

    To make this work for 3D game engines, you cannot do everything as you might usually do in Python. Most frameworks create a wrapper for their C++ libraries. You will need to figure out how to compile so that Python can recall this wrapper. They cover in the documentation how to compile for with the Python wrapper.

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  • DRM Scheduler Improvement, New Epoch Counter, Other DRM Work For Linux 5.9

    Following the drm-misc-next pull request to DRM-Next last week that exposes VRR ranges via DebugFS and other improvements, another round of DRM-Misc-Next material has now been sent in for queuing ahead of the Linux 5.9 cycle.

  • Frame-Buffer Compression Support For Vintage Intel i865 Graphics Revived

    Back in April I wrote about patches for enabling FBC on the Intel 865 chipset nearly two decades after that chipset first shipped. Those patches didn't yet hit the mainline Linux kernel but they were revived again this week. These patches are for enabling frame-buffer compression support on the Intel Extreme 2 Graphics found with the i865 "Springdale" chipset. Frame-buffer compression can yield performance and power efficiency advantages thanks to the reduced bandwidth. Newer generations of Intel graphics hardware have squared away their FBC support for a while but the i865 era support was overlooked until recent patches improving the state pushed it forward enough where it could finally be enabled by default.

  • Reiser5 Pursuing Selective File Migration For Moving Hot Files To High Performance Disks

    Edward Shishkin continues pursuing development of new file-system functionality for Reiser5, the next-generation evolutionary advancement over the controversial Reiser4 file-system. Reiser5 has been working on new features like local volumes with parallel scaling out, data tiering and burst buffers, and other new features. The latest feature being worked on by Shishkin for Reiser5 is selective file migration.

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