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The Raspberry Pi 400 is Awesome! A Computer in A Keyboard!

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The Raspberry Pi foundation has recently launched the Raspberry Pi 400, a whole computer built into a compact keyboard to make personal computers more affordable. We are glad to say that they have successfully provided us with a PC for just $70. This version of the Pi is supposed to be cooler and faster than the Pi 4, which is 40 times powerful than the original Pi. The foundation has also come up with a ready-to-go kit available for only $100.

Regarding the “computer-in-a-keyboard,” Raspberry Pi 400 has been successful in being an excellent general-purpose computer. Though it can never be the substitute for a modern laptop or desktop computer, you can still do several things with it, including edit documents, search on the web, send an email or browse social media. Also, you can use it as an online learning center for your kids. So, in brief, this version of the Pi has successfully carried out the goals made by the Raspberry Pi foundation.

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Raspberry Pi 400 Is An ARM Linux Desktop PC

  • Raspberry Pi 400 Is An ARM Linux Desktop PC

    The Raspberry Pi Foundation has recently released the Raspberry Pi 400 computer. It is the latest Raspberry Pi in a compact keyboard and retails for $70. By connecting this to a TV via HDMI users have a fully functional ARM-based Linux Desktop PC.
    Since the inception of the Raspberry Pi, enthusiasts have been trying to use it as a mini desktop computer. Even the cheapest $10 Raspberry Pi Zero comes with all the hardware components necessary for a desktop computer: an ARM CPU, plenty of RAM for Linux desktop systems, a SD card slot for file system storage, USB ports for accessories, HDMI ports for displays, networking port (or integrated WiFi and Bluetooth on the broad), as well as Linux operating systems that work with these hardware elements.

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