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Games: Heroic Games Launcher, cyubeVR and More

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  • The open source Epic Games Store app Heroic Games Launcher has a big overhaul

    Work on Heroic Games Launcher, the open source Linux alternative to the Epic Games Store continues rapid improvements with a huge new release out now. Continuing to build upon the work started with another open source tool, Legendary, which hooks into the Epic Games Store but doesn't provide users with a proper GUI.

    The recently released 1.0 version (and a few bug fixes after) revamps the entire flow and design of the application, with a much sleeker looking interface and it actually does look pretty good right now. Most of it works how you would expect too, quite useful for all those free games Epic keeps giving out…if you decide to play them on Linux.

  • Virtual Reality voxel building game cyubeVR will be supporting Linux in a future build | GamingOnLinux

    Minecraft in VR that's a bit more hands on? cyubeVR (pronounced Cube VR) looks absolutely delightful, and the developer has confirmed their full intention to support Linux too.

    This isn't some basic block-building game that tries to be Minecraft in VR though, it's actually a lot more advanced than that with it being fully designed for VR. That includes proper support of the Valve Index controllers, along with fully tracked fingers and a control scheme built for it. cyubeVR works with a Vive too, so the Index is not specifically required. There's also no traditional UI, instead you build everything you need in the detailed VR world.

  • Revolutionary Games continue building up their free evolution game Thrive | GamingOnLinux

    Starting off as nothing but a tiny little cell in a massive world, Thrive is a free and open source evolution sim backed up by the power of science.

    Quite early on in development still overall, it is however very playable already and you can have a little fun exploring and eating away at various resources to evolve your creature. It's like a much more detailed version of EA's Spore (in the early game stage). Now powered by Godot Engine, their progress on it seems to be speeding up.

    Thrive 0.5.3 is up now and it brings with it numerous improvements to the flow of things like key rebinds, translation support, a process panel to show running processes in your cell, big improvements to the save game system, you can pan the camera in the editor now, music fade improvements, tips on the loading screen, plus lots of bug fixes to make it a lot smoother.

  • Get your big-screen Linux gaming on with a new GamerOS release | GamingOnLinux

    The SteamOS-like big-screen Linux gaming distribution GamerOS has a fresh release out, with some surprising new features integrated and it's looking slick.

    Providing an out of the box couch / sofa gaming experience, thanks to the Steam Big Picture interface along with their own homebrew integrations for using things provided outside of Steam, GamerOS continues to be a fine choice for a dedicated big TV box.

    GamerOS 22 went out on January 12 upgrading the main internals like Linux Kernel 5.10.5, Mesa 20.3.2, NVIDIA 460.32.03 and updates to their web-based Steam Buddy tool and the Steam Tweaks tool.

  • Experimental Nintendo Switch emulator yuzu adds Linux AppImage for easier launching | GamingOnLinux

    While still highly experimental and quite a hassle to setup legitimately, the Nintendo Switch emulator yuzu is still another fine example of open source. It's a very capable emulator already too, with it being possible to play through an increasing number of games.

    On the Linux side, dependency issues and getting it running hasn't exactly been easy but they've partly solved that now as they've announced they're providing an AppImage for all releases going forwards. So for all you big emulation fans, that's going to make playing with each release a whole lot quicker and easier.

    Going by the latest progress report from January work is going well with multiple more games now actually able to boot up including Katana ZERO, DELTARUNE Chapter 1, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.

  • BROK the InvestiGator is an upcoming amusing sounding 'Punch & Click'

    We've seen classic point and click adventures but what about merging one with a beat 'em up? Punch & Click appears to be what you get with BROK the InvestiGator.

    Developed by COWCAT, the same team behind Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure, BROK will blend together two very different genres and the result is pretty intriguing. At any time, with the press of a button or mouse wheel scroll, you can switch between adventure and action mode.

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