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Devuan 4.0 (Chimaera) released

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Devuan Developers are pleased to announce the release of Devuan Chimaera
4.0 as the project's newest stable release. This is the result of lots of
painstaking work by the team and extensive testing by the wider Devuan

We wish to thank all of you for the incredible support given to Devuan.
Without your help and feedback, Devuan could not be the reliable and
versatile distribution that it is.

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Devuan 4 Chimaera Released with Download Links, Torrents...

  • Devuan 4 Chimaera Released with Download Links, Torrents and Checksums

    Devuan 4 Chimaera released Thursday, 14 October 2021. Devuan is an universal computer operating system as well as Free Libre Open Source Software distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux for 32-bit and 64-bit computers aimed for advanced users who prefer technology choices other than Systemd. This release means Devuan Chimaera is now stable version, making previous version Beowulf as oldstable, and Beowulf users are advised to upgrade to Chimaera as soon as possible. This article collects Chimaera download links, mirrors and torrents as well as its checksums for people who want to get it easier and quicker. Enjoy Devuan!

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