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Ubuntu Web Remix 20.04.3 Released with /e/ on WayDroid and Linux Kernel 5.11

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Remember Ubuntu Web? It was first announced last year in November as an alternative to Chrome OS or Chromium OS. It’s an unofficial Ubuntu flavor created by Rudra Saraswat, the maintainer of Ubuntu Unity, offering Web Apps, Android apps, and support for apps from the de-Googled /e/ Foundation.

While it has an emphasis on Web Apps, Ubuntu Web Remix looks and feel like a real GNU/Linux distribution that you can easily put on your desktop or laptop computer. It features the GNOME desktop environment by default, but with a minimal set of native Linux apps pre-installed.

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Ubuntu Web 20.04.3 Distribution Release

  • Ubuntu Web 20.04.3 Distribution Release

    Introduced the release of Ubuntu Web 20.04.3 distribution , aimed at creating a Chrome OS-like environment optimized for working with a web browser and running web applications in the form of standalone programs. The release is based on the Ubuntu 20.04.3 package base with the GNOME desktop. The browser environment for running web applications is based on Firefox. The size of the bootable iso image is 2.5 GB.


    The distribution is developed by Rudra Saraswat , an eleven – year- old from India known for creating the Ubuntu Unity distribution and developing the UnityX project , a fork of the Unity7 desktop .

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