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Qt Creator 6 Open-Source IDE Officially Released, This Is What’s New

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Based on the Qt 6.2 LTS series of the popular widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces for cross-platform apps, Qt Creator 6 is here a little over three months after Qt Creator 5 with various new features and many improvements for Qt application developers.

Highlights of Qt Creator 6 include separate launching of external processes, such as the build tools, clang-tidy and other tools, to avoids issues on Linux, support for general multi-cursor editing and support for importing and exporting font settings in the text editor, C++ code model based on LLVM 13, as well as full support for editing C++ with Clangd.

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Phoronix and original

  • Qt Creator 6 released

    We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 6!

    Here is a selection of changes and improvements that we did in Qt Creator 6. Please have a look at our change log for more details.

  • Qt Creator 6 Released For This C++ Focused IDE, Clangd Now Fully-Supported - Phoronix

    The Qt Company has officially shipped Qt Creator 6 as the latest major update to their Qt/C++ minded integrated development environment.

    Qt Creator 6.0 changes how it launches external processes like build tools, so it's now done in a separate server process rather than always forking. Qt Creator 6 binaries are also now built against Qt 6.2 LTS as the underlying toolkit.

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