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Finding Better Alternatives

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Rethinking Everything

The past two years have been really disruptive to society as a whole. This disruption has caused people to take a fresh look at past choices. We are all making big changes. We are re-evaluating our values. We rethinking just about everything. What is truly important? Where and how do we live and work? How do we spend our time? We all have had to find multiple options that could work better for us in our context.

Looking more broadly, these times have urged humanity to look beyond conventional options. Scientists looked at alternatives to the traditional vaccine to mass-produce, thanks to innovative bio-technology. Business leaders have had to look beyond mass-layoffs to renegotiate fixed wages and work. Humankind discovered the power of pandemic pods, micro-offices and tele-health. Finding alternatives has been the common thread.

Providing Alternatives to Big Tech and Traditional Capitalism

At Purism, we are continuing to grown and build a sustainable future. We are grateful to win the support of millions. Purism started as a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) in 2014. “When I started Purism, I wanted to avoid toxic investment; I didn’t want to focus entirely on shareholder value.” says Founder, Todd Weaver.

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If you are looking for an alternative to Adobe Photoshop without burning a hole in your pocket, then go for the GIMP, which is totally free to use, and importantly, it’s available for all major platforms like Microsoft Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and, of course, Linux.x Read more

EndeavourOS Artemis 22.6 released

EndeavourOS is a rolling-release Linux distro based on Arch Linux. Although the project is relatively new, having started in 2019, it's the successor to an earlier Arch-based distro called Antergos, so it's not quite as immature as its youth might imply. It's a little more vanilla than Antergos was – for instance, it uses the Calamares cross-distro installer. EndeavourOS hews more closely to its parent distro than, for example, Manjaro, which we looked at very recently. Unlike Manjaro, it doesn't have its own staging repositories or releases. It installs packages directly from the upstream Arch repositories, using the standard Arch package manager pacman. It also bundles yay to easily fetch packages from the Arch User Repository, AUR. The yay command takes the same switches as pacman does, so if you wanted to install, say, Google Chrome, it's as simple as yay -s google-chrome and a few seconds later, it's done. Read more

Ubuntu Touch OTA-23 Rolls Out to All Supported Ubuntu Phones, This is What’s New

Ubuntu Touch OTA-23 comes more than four months after the Ubuntu Touch OTA-22 software update to add more improvements and fix various issues that prevent you from using your Ubuntu Phone device on a daily basis. Highlights include FM Radio support for BQ E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, BQ E5 HD Ubuntu Edition, and Xiaomi Note 7 Pro smartphones through the FM Radio App, enables wireless display support for Halium 9 and later devices, as well as hardware decoding support on the Jingpad ARM-based Linux tablet in the Media Player App. Read more

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