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  • Pipewire as a replacement for pulseaudio

    Are there any plans to migrate ubuntu to pipewire and wireplumber by default for audio, now that the LTS is out of the way? My anecdotal experience is that it seems to be working fine and in some cases (eg bluetooth audio, especially headsets) surparssing pulseaudio. Using Ubuntu Jammy’s built in packages.

  • Annual Report 2021: Attracting new contributors to LibreOffice [Ed: A good start would be, drop this "Personal Edition" thing as it perpetuates the idea volunteers work, without pay, for corporations. Corporations like to pretend to everything that is supposed to replace them. They want to control both sides. Why do you think proprietary software companies pretend to be -- and speak for -- "Open Source"? Corporations try to turn Free-as-in-Freedom into Free-as-in-Serfdom.]

    Joining a large and established project like LibreOffice can be daunting for many. The software has a large codebase, and sub-projects use a wide array of tools. In recent years, we’ve made efforts to simplify the onboarding process by linking more services together with SSO (single sign-on), thereby reducing some of the complexity. In addition, we’ve created Easy Hacks and similar “bite size” projects in other areas, so that newcomers can get involved quickly and achieve something without months of work.

    Currently, we have two websites/pages that function as starting points for new contributors: What Can I Do For LibreOffice and the Get Involved page. The former was set up by LibreOffice’s Albanian community, and lets users click through topics of interest, until they find something they want to do. The latter is a regular page, with a list of sub-projects inside LibreOffice, and quick steps to make initial contact.

  • Tried overlay filesystem again

    Back in the very early days of EasyOS, 2017, I tried the overlay filesystem (also known as overlayfs), but there were serious errors. Don't recall exactly what they were, but the result was I stayed with aufs.

  • Graylog: Industry Leading Log Management for Linux

    The point of logging is to keep your servers happy, healthy, and secure. If you can’t find the data, you can’t use it effectively or efficiently. If you’re not logging what you need, you will miss some critical signs. Meanwhile, if you’re logging too much, you will miss them again because they’ll be buried in so much noise.

    Everyone can use an extra pair of eyes to manage Linux logs, whether you’re a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between.


    You need to know whether the outage is intended or not. In some cases, the outage might be for regular maintenance, and someone ran the shutdown or reboot commands.

    In other cases, it could be that the machine crashed.

    While the logs spit out a lot of information, they don’t make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Reviewing Linux logs in plain text files written by a Syslog daemon is hard. When reviewing this information on your own, it’s easy to miss the needle of important information hidden in the haystack of plain text.

    It’s also extremely time-consuming, especially when you’re trying to figure out what happened to a machine that led to a service outage.

    In a centralized log management solution like Graylog, you don’t need to worry about knowing all the log file names or scanning through endless lines of plain text. You can set up dashboards that give you quick visibility.

  • PiHole – advertisement & tracking blocking (also runs on the even faster odroids) can speed up surfing +50%
  • Ep 169: 3D Print Vase Mode: Engage, Measuring Nanovolts Through Mega DIY, And The Softest Pants Are Software Pants

    Join Hackaday Editor-in-Chief Elliot Williams and Assignments Editor Kristina Panos as we take a tour of our top hacks from the past week. Elliot brought some fairly nerdy fare to the table this time, and Kristina pines for physical media as we discuss the demise of the iPod Touch, the last fruit-flavored mp3-playing soldier to fall.

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