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Imagination Technologies brings best of 3D mobile gaming

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PowerVR-enabled mobile 3D hardware acceleration facilitates advanced levels of 3D gaming performance at low power consumption. We can now show PC games like Quake III Arena and Quake Mobile running at compellingly high frame rates on a handheld device.

"Quake III Arena running in the palm of your hand is a testament to the power of Khronos' OpenGL ES 3D graphics API standard to enable great 3D content on mobile devices," said Neil Trevett, president of Khronos. "This is a great demonstration that the era of compelling handheld 3D content is indeed close at hand."

Quake Mobile takes all of the action, levels, weapons, and bad guys from the original PC title and transforms it all into the fastest, smoothest and most intense game ever to reach the Pocket PC.

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