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OOlite Review

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Today we're looking at OOlite, a space trader in the vein of Elite. If you've been hiding under a rock and haven't heard of it, Elite is the grandaddy of space ship trading games. From it all the later space traders such as Wing Commander and Vega Strike got their inspiration. The root of OOlite's gameplay runs back over 20 years to BBC Elite, Bell, and Braben.

OOlite is one of the latest itterations in the genre. It combines 3D graphics with the classic space trading and dog fight action that Elite made popular. OOlite's creators have built on that and given their users the ability to add in custom ships, modules, solar system maps. Gameplay goes back to the simple open ended galaxy running of the original Elite. Additionaly, a minimum of enhancements to the core game are introduced.

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