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PostgreSQL Related Releases

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  • PostgreSQL: Psycopg 2.9 released

    Psycopg 2.9 has been released!

    This is a relatively small release compared to previous major releases. However the creation of the packages took a lot of effort. The previously used CI system now has reduced support for free software projects - it was decided that package building should be moved to GitHub Actions.

    Packaging has also become more complex because of the evolution of the Python packaging standards and the need to support multiple architectures (Intel, ARM, PPC...).

    Maintaining a project such as Psycopg requires a lot of effort. For this reason, we are extremely grateful to all our sponsors who are enabling the maintenance and development of Psycopg. Thank you very much!

  • PostgreSQL: pgAdmin 4 v5.4 Released

    The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce pgAdmin 4 version 5.4. This release of pgAdmin 4 includes 20 bug fixes and new features. For more details please see the release notes.

    pgAdmin is the leading Open Source graphical management tool for PostgreSQL. For more information, please see the website.

  • PostgreSQL: pgMustard version 4

    We're pleased to announce version 4 of pgMustard – a tool that helps people review PostgreSQL query plans quickly.

Free Software Leftovers

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  • Cutting Slack: When open source and team chat tools collide

    Founded in 2011, Mattermost targets enterprises with various self-managed and hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) options. The Palo Alto, California-based company has raised around $70 million since its inception and claims some major customers, including Samsung, SAP, Deloitte, Nasdaq, and BNP Paribas, with a typical “large enterprise deployment” of between 10,000 and 40,000 users.

    Mattermost offers various plans covering most potential use cases, including its foundational free and open source Mattermost Team edition. It also has a commercial self-managed free edition called Mattermost Enterprise Edition EO, which provides the added ability to upgrade to more feature-rich paid versions. And if a customer on a hosted enterprise plan is concerned about their data becoming locked into commercial software, they can “downgrade” to the open source Mattermost Team edition without losing any data.

  • Notepad++ 8.1

    Notepad++ is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License.

  • What is open source?

    This is not to be confused with freeware, which is simply just software that does not come with a direct financial cost attached to it, but which likely won’t have any of the freedoms associated with open source software. Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, famously helped define what is meant by “free” in FOSS when he said:

    Free software is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of ‘free’ as in free speech, not as in free beer.

    To emphasize that the “free” denotes liberty rather than financial cost, the term FLOSS (“free/libre open source software”) is often used instead. But for all intents and purposes, FOSS and FLOSS mean the same thing.


    MySQL, for example, is an open source relational database management system that Oracle releases under a dual license — one a GNU General Public License (GPL), the other proprietary. The former affords most of the freedoms one would expect from FOSS, though the license is what is known as copyleft, which means that any derivative software must be issued under similar license terms. In other words, new software built from the open source software must be released under a similar open source license.

    Oracle’s secondary license is how it commercializes MySQL, selling it under the MySQL Enterprise Edition banner, which offers additional services not included in the GPL license, such as a fully managed database service; an enterprise-grade data backup service; a document store; and security smarts such as encryption and a firewall. Also, companies holding the commercial license are allowed to sell MySQL-based products without making the derivative product open source.

    In contrast to copyleft licenses such as GPL, so-called permissive software licenses such as the MIT License, GNU All-permissive License, and the Apache license don’t impose derivative software restrictions, making it easier for a private company to repurpose it as part of a proprietary product. In fact, they could also re-license their new software under a GPL license if they wish.

  • Samvera Advances Community-Sourced Repository Solutions as OASIS Foundation-as-a-Service Partner

    OASIS Open, the international open source and open standards consortium, and Samvera, an international open source community with best in class digital asset management solutions, are pleased to announce their Foundation-as-a-Service partnership. The program streamlines the process of forming and running foundations by letting groups operate independently while enjoying the benefits of the OASIS nonprofit corporate structure and expertise.


    From its beginning in 2008, Samvera (originally called Hydra) set out to build a community to support and sustain its software, which is free and open source

  • CTCFT Social Hour

    Hey everyone! At the CTCFT meeting this Monday (2021-06-21), we’re going to try a “social hour”. The idea is really simple: for the hour after the meeting, we will create breakout rooms in Zoom with different themes. You can join any breakout room you like and hangout.

    The themes for the breakout rooms will be based on suggestions. If you have an idea for a room you’d like to try, you can post it in a dedicated topic on the #ctcft Zulip stream. Or, if you see somebody else has posted an idea that you like, then add a emoji. We’ll create the final breakout list based on what we see there.

  • A white-knuckle ride of open COVID drug discovery

    Nearly 15 months ago, a large, fast-moving and unscheduled experiment began: probing a key protein of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 to find chemical starting points for drug discovery. The end point was to develop pills that people could take to treat COVID-19 and related diseases.

    This experiment pulled together a spontaneous, open, global, Twitter-fuelled collaboration called the COVID Moonshot. Urgency and a commitment to working openly recruited more than 150 active participants, spanning a huge range of expertise and technology across academia, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and more, all working without claiming intellectual property. Open drug-discovery efforts are invariably super slow — ours has been an express train on tracks we have laid down as we go. It is a way of working that none of us realized was possible.

  • SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Open Voice Network

    The Open Voice Network aims to bolster consumer trust through communally-developed standards and governance that developers, designers, strategists and makers can go by to give users more data ownership and control.

    It also aims to provide these core tenets to any ecosystem and architecture that developers prefer.

    The association operates on the directed fund of the Linux Foundation and is independently funded and governed.

Wine 6.11

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  • Wine 6.11
    The Wine development release 6.11 is now available.
    What's new in this release (see below for details):
      - Theming support in all builtin programs.
      - All remaining CRT math functions imported from Musl.
      - MP3 support requires libmpg123 also on macOS.
      - Support for codepage 720 (Arabic).
      - Various bug fixes.
    The source is available from the following locations:
    Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:
    You will find documentation on
    You can also get the current source directly from the git
    repository. Check for details.
    Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
    AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.
  • The development release Wine 6.11 is out now, pulls in patch to help Roblox work on Linux

    Another two weeks and another bottle of Wine has been opened. This Wine 6.11 development release pulls in an interesting patch too for Roblox.

    I doubt Roblox needs much of an introduction. Sadly it's another game that doesn't support Linux and stopped working in Wine long ago - until now. Wine bug #39142 (Roblox Client/Server connection is dropped with error "This server has shut down.") is now solved with this commit. So the Roblox client should now work but keep in mind there's a number of caveats, some of which can be seen here.

  • Wine 6.11 Released With Theming Support For All Built-In Programs

    Wine 6.11 is out as the latest bi-weekly development snapshot for running an increasing number of Windows applications and games on Linux.

    Wine 6.11 now has theming support for all of its built-in programs thanks to some recent COMCTL32 theme improvements, all remaining CRT math functions have been imported from Musl libc, and Unicode support for the 720 codepage in handling Arabic / Farsi / Urdu.

Fotoxx – Photo Editor & Large Collection Manager while Super Fast

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Looking for a lightweight photo editor and management app for Linux? Try Fotoxx, a free and open-source software which is super fast.

Fotoxx is a GTK application to organize and manage a large image collection, edit and optimize photos, and perform batch operations.

Unlike other image editor, Fotoxx has app menus in the left pane with ability to toggle file view, and edit photos. While providing many functions to meet the needs of serious photographers, it remains fast and easy to use.

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7 Free And Open Source Download Managers For Windows And Linux

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Download Managers are one of the great ways to boost and manage your downloads from the internet. However, settling on one best download manager could be challenging as there are tons of them out there. Hence, let’s look at some of the best, free, and open-source download managers for Windows and Linux.

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is considered one of the most popular download managers, but it’s paid and isn’t available for Linux. You can also take the Download Managers in this list as IDM alternatives. Mind you, the order in which the apps are listed has nothing to do with how good an app is. If you are also looking for the best DMs for Android, check out our best download managers for Android list.


The UI is simple, clean, and highly customizable. One of the app’s differentiating features is that it acts as a front-end for one of the popular command-line software Youtube-dl. Downloading videos from YouTube was a breeze, but it also works for DailyMotion and Vimeo. These features, combined with the download speed and open-source nature, make it one of the best IDM alternatives and best download managers.

To install the Persepolis download manager, head over to the official website to install instructions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

2. Motrix

Another completely free software that works like a charm. Motrix is an open-source download manager that looks great UI-wise and also offers great features. We tested it out and found that it takes time to initialize the download, but once it starts downloading, the speed is better than a browser.

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5 Best htop alternatives to monitor Linux systems

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Htop is a process manager that allows us to see the processes in execution and the usage of system resources using the Linux terminal. With its text-based interface that supports the mouse, we can easily operate it and perform various functions such as it is very easy to kill any process on htop. In short, it has all functions we required to monitor and manage system processes using the command terminal. Further, easy to understand due to the simple fields of CPU, Mem, PID, and Command when opening htop.

At the top of htop, the usage rate of each CPU will be listed. It is worth noting that the number of logical cores of the CPU is displayed there. However, htop is no the only way on Linux to monitor process and hardware resources there are other good options as well. Thus, that’s why we decided to come with some good htop alternative tools in this list.

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Videomass – cross-platform GUI for FFmpeg and youtube-dl

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A common complaint about YouTube is that to watch the material you need to use a web browser. Fortunately, some creative developers have developed applications that allow you to bypass the web-only barrier of YouTube.

Videomass is a cross-platform GUI designed for FFmpeg enthusiasts who need to manage custom profiles to automate conversion/transcoding processes. The software lets you create, edit and use FFmpeg presets and profiles with full format support. The program also offers an array of tools for audio and video conversion. And it offers a frontend to download video and audio from YouTube and other sites.

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7 Best Free and Open Source HTML Editors

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An HTML editor is computer software for creating web pages. As this type of editor helps to remove the frustration out of creating web pages, it represents an indispensable tool for graphic and web designers. Specialized HTML editors provide convenience and added functionality.

There are three main types of HTML editors. The most common type is the WYSIWYG HTML editor. Here the editor provides an editing interface which resembles how the page will be displayed in a web browser. This is achieved by embedding a layout engine. For example, in the case of BlueGriffon, the layout engine that is used is Gecko, which is also used in the Firefox web browser. The other types of editor are text source editors and object editors.

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Metabase: The ultimate Swiss knife open-source for getting insightful answers from databases

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Metabase is a no- and low-code open-source (Libre) project that removes all hassle of getting insightful data from databases. It does a lot without having to deal with SQL code or even know any SQL to begin with.

It is built for anyone with basic technical skills, as well as data engineers and scientists. That makes it the right tool for marketeers, sales managers, project planners and marketing strategist.

Metabase helps user to learn from their data by asking meaningful questions which it translates into a complex SQL queries in the background.

Currently, we are using it to work with several databases, and we recommend it to some of our clients.

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Software: PDF Mix Tool, KubeVirt, and QOwnNotes

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  • PDF Mix Tool 1.0.1 Now Lets You Edit Metadata with an Improved UI & Qt 6 Support

    PDF Mix Tool is one of the best PDF editors for Linux and an alternative to PDF Arranger.
    It is a neat and simple GUI tool for manipulating pdf files and allows you to modify your files (rotating, splitting, extracting from files), not their content, however.


    In either case, you can build it from source that can be found on GitLab.

  • Migrate virtual machines to Kubernetes with this new tool |

    In 2017, the KubeVirt team launched the project to manage virtual machines (VMs) alongside containers in Kubernetes. The open source project's intent was to make VMs first-class citizens in this environment.

    Since its introduction at Open Source Summit 2018, KubeVirt has continued maturing and growing. It's reached more than 200 stars on GitHub and even introduced its own event, KubeVirt Summit, in February 2021.

  • QOwnNotes 21.6.2

    QOwnNotes is a open source (GPL) plain-text file notepad with markdown support and todo list manager for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, that (optionally) works together with the notes application of ownCloud (or Nextcloud). So you are able to write down your thoughts with QOwnNotes and edit or search for them later from your mobile device (like with CloudNotes) or the ownCloud web-service. The notes are stored as plain text files and you can sync them with your ownCloud sync client. Of course other software, like Dropbox, Syncthing, Seafile or BitTorrent Sync can be used too.

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today's leftovers

  • LHS Episode #416: The Weekender LXXIII

    It's time once again for The Weekender. This is our bi-weekly departure into the world of amateur radio contests, open source conventions, special events, listener challenges, hedonism and just plain fun. Thanks for listening and, if you happen to get a chance, feel free to call us or e-mail and send us some feedback. Tell us how we're doing. We'd love to hear from you.

  • Donation button removed

    Over the years, I have blown hot and cold over whether to have a donation button. Did take it down for awhile, about a year ago I think. I received an email asking if can send me a bank cheque, which reminded me about that donation button. I declined the offer. I really don't need donations. It is really my pleasure to upload blog reports about EasyOS, Puppy, DIY hiking gear, and all the rest that have posted about. is still very kindly hosting downloads, and I also went back to the Puppy Forum.

  • Akademy 2021 – I

    I am still digesting the load of information that Marc Mutz gave in his intense training session last night between 6 and almost 11 p.m. about C++/STL history, containers, iterators, allocators, the Non-Owning Interface Idiom and all that other good stuff. Great job Marc.

  • Stuck Updates Fix

    When rolling out a new feature that lets you skip (offline) updates on boot-up earlier this week we have messed up and also brought in a nasty bug that prevents updates from applying. Unfortunately we can’t automatically rectify this problem because, well, updates are never applied. In case you find Discover showing the same updates over and over again, even after rebooting to apply the update, you may be affected.

  • AWS SSM Parameters

    If you are not familiar with the Parameter Store it provides hierarchical storage for config data, strings, and other values. As well as being used for storing private information the parameter store provides a public namespace for SUSE, /aws/service/suse, which is now being leveraged to provide the latest image id’s for all active SUSE images.

Proprietary Software Leftovers

  • Steam on ChromeOS: Not a Rumor Anymore - Boiling Steam

    If you follow us or other sources like Chrome Unboxed you are by now aware that there’s ample rumors about Google/Valve working on bringing Steam on ChromeOS. We know the technology pieces are there, as recently discussed with Luke Short in our recent podcast. However, we are still waiting for an official announcement that would turn the expected rumors into reality.

  • First American Financial Pays Farcical $500K Fine

    In May 2019, KrebsOnSecurity broke the news that the website of mortgage settlement giant First American Financial Corp. [NYSE:FAF] was leaking more than 800 million documents — many containing sensitive financial data — related to real estate transactions dating back 16 years. This week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission settled its investigation into the matter after the Fortune 500 company agreed to pay a paltry penalty of less than $500,000.

  • How Russian threats in the 2000s turned this country into the go-to expert on cyber defense

    Estonia is no stranger to the cyber threat posed by Russia. Back in 2007, a decision to relocate a Soviet-era war memorial from central Tallinn to a military cemetery sparked a diplomatic spat with its neighbor and former overlord. There were protests and angry statements from Russian diplomats. And just as the removal works started, Estonia became the target of what was at the time the biggest cyberattack against a single country.

    The Estonian government called the incident an act of cyberwarfare and blamed Russia for it. Moscow has denied any involvement.

    The attack made Estonia realize that it needed to start treating cyber threats in the same way as physical attacks.

  • Most Businesses That Pay Off After Ransomware Hack Hit With Second Attack: Study [iophk: Windows TCO]

    The study surveyed nearly 1,300 security professionals around the world and found that 80 percent of businesses that paid after a ransomware attack suffered a second attack. Of those hit a second time, 46 percent believed it came from the same group that did the first attack.

    Censuswide, which performed the study on behalf of the international cybersecurity company Cybereason, found that 25 percent of organizations hit by a ransomware attack were forced to close. In addition, 29 percent were forced to eliminate jobs.

Kernel: Oracle, UPower, and Linux Plumbers Conference

  • Oracle Sends Out Latest Linux Patches So Trenchboot Can Securely Launch The Kernel - Phoronix

    Trenchboot continues to be worked on for providing boot integrity technologies that allow for multiple roots of trust around boot security and integrity. Oracle engineers on Friday sent out their latest Linux kernel patches so it can enjoy a "Secure Launch" by the project's x86 dynamic launch measurements code. The latest kernel patches are a second revision to patches sent out last year around the Trenchboot launch support for enhancing the integrity and security of the boot process. This kernel work goes along with Trenchboot support happening for GRUB.

  • Nearly A Decade Later, UPower Still Working Towards 1.0 Release

    For nearly one decade there has been talk of UPower 1.0 while in 2021 that still has yet to materialize for this former "DeviceKit-Power" project but at least now there is UPower v0.99.12 as the first release in two years. UPower 1.0 has yet to materialize and it certainly isn't advancing these days like it was in the early 2010s. With Thursday's UPower 0.99.12 release the key changes to land over the past two years are supporting more device types and power reporting for newer Apple iPhone smartphones like the iPhone XR, XS, and other newer models.

  • Linux Plumbers Conference: Tracing Microconference Accepted into 2021 Linux Plumbers Conference

    We are pleased to announce that the Tracing Microconference has been accepted into the 2021 Linux Plumbers Conference. Tracing in the Linux kernel is constantly improving. Tracing was officially added to Linux in 2008. Since then, more tooling has been constantly added to help out with visibility. The work is still ongoing, with Perf, ftrace, Lttng, and eBPF. User space tooling is expanding and as the kernel gets more complex, so does the need for facilitating seeing what is going on under the hood.