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Games: SteamWorld Dig 2, Forza Horizon 5,Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aiko's Choice

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  • 'SteamWorld Dig 2' GOG, Steam Free Download: Get Game Now Before 24-Hour Time Limit! | iTech Post

    Swedish game developer Thunderful Games has announced on Twitter that "SteamWorld Dig 2" is now available to download for free and players will be able to keep it permanently. Unfortunately, only PC users will benefit from the said free download.

  • Forza Horizon 5 on Linux? There's a Good Chance That You Can Play it Already - It's FOSS News

    Forza Horizon 5 is a new racing video game developed by Playground Games and published by Xbox Game Studios.

    Before its official launch, it already had ~1 million players via the premium edition, which enabled early access to the game.

    While the game is breathtaking with its visuals and optimization for older hardware, it is yet another Windows-only game.

  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aiko's Choice releases in December | GamingOnLinux

    Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aiko's Choice from Mimimi Games is going to be releasing in December and they have a new trailer ready.

    This is the standalone addon that takes place after the original Shadow Tactics. Set in Japan around the Edo period, you take control of kunoichi adept Aiko and her deadly assassin friends to hunt down the ghosts of her past. The new trailer goes over the story so far up to the point where the story of Aiko's Choice will set off. So keep in mind it's probably a bit spoilery if you've not played the original game.

Valve Delays Steam Deck

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  • Steam Deck Deposit - Steam Deck Shipping Update - Steam News
  • Steam Deck DELAYED! - Invidious
  • Steam Deck Release Pushed Back To February 2022 - Phoronix

    Valve just sent out an email to pre-order customers that the Steam Deck release is being delayed by two months.

    Due to the ongoing global supply chain crisis, Valve is needing to delay the Steam Deck ship date to February 2022 due to material/component shortages. Valve originally hoped to begin shipping their Steam Deck Linux-powered gaming handheld before the end of the calendar year.

  • Valve delays Steam Deck, now starts shipping February 2022 | GamingOnLinux

    Valve has announced today that their hotly anticipated handheld, the Steam Deck, has been delayed until 2022.

    Sadly, every company making computing hardware has been facing component shortages and various shipping delays and it seems that Valve has been unable to get around it. They said "The launch of Steam Deck will be delayed by two months. We’re sorry about this—we did our best to work around the global supply chain issues, but due to material shortages, components aren’t reaching our manufacturing facilities in time for us to meet our initial launch dates."

Games: Axis & Allies 1942 Online, RetroArch, and More

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  • Axis & Allies 1942 Online from Beamdog is out now with full cross-play | GamingOnLinux

    Beamdog, known for their RPG revamps like Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition have finally pushed Axis & Allies 1942 Online out of Early Access as a finished game with full cross-play.

    With it based on the popular Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition board game from Avalon Hill, you will be able to play online against others across Linux, macOS, Windows, Android and iPadOS. Now that's the kind of broad support we like to see in a multiplayer title!

    "German tanks mobilize in the west, blitzing into France and pushing back the Soviet Union in eastern Europe. The United States rises in response to Japanese aggression in the Pacific. The United Kingdom rallies allies as bombers menace the skies. The year is 1942, and the world is at war!

  • RetroArch brings more emulator cores to Steam including PPSSPP | GamingOnLinux

    RetroArch, the free and open source application designed to help you manage emulators, media playback and more has a few additional emulator cores available now on Steam.

    Cores are essentially the modules that RetroArch runs to do things, like run different emulators. The Steam release for RetroArch is a little different to the normal version. Instead of grabbing these cores directly in the application, they're being put up as individual DLC to download.

  • Relaxing tropical adventure Fishing Paradiso announced for 2022 | GamingOnLinux

    Fishing Paradiso is the next title from Japanese developer Odencat, who also created Bear's Restaurant, with a release planned to arrive with Linux support in early 2022.

  • Silly platformer metroidvania Clunky Hero is now in Early Access | GamingOnLinux

    Chaosmonger Studio, developer of Encodya, has released their latest with the comedic platformer metroidvania Clunky Hero with it beginning life in Early Access.

    "Clunky Hero is a story-driven, platformer metroidvania, with a touch of RPG and tons of humor. If you’d love a platformer game where you have a funny storyline, can talk with characters, solve side quests, find and buy items, change weapons and wearables, with great hand-drawn-looking backgrounds, presented in a very comical way, then Clunky Hero might be the game of your dreams!"

  • Hacked Punch-Out Controlled With Actual Punches | Hackaday

    In a slightly safer departure away from jetpack roller-skating and flinging around bolts of lightning, [Ian Charnas] has been hacking retro video games. After a lot of hard work [Ian] has managed to add pose estimation to control the character is the NES boxing game “Punch-Out.” Surely he can’t get hurt doing that? No, but since it wasn’t fair to hurt the poor suffering characters, without taking any damage himself, he added electric-shock feedback to give the game a bit more, ahem, punch. See, you can get hurt playing video games!

    By starting with Google MoveNet, which is a pre-baked skeletal tracking model which can run in a browser using TensorFlowJS, he defined some simple heuristics for the various boxing moves usually performed with the game controller. Next, he needed to get the game. Being a all-round good guy, [Ian] bought an original copy of the game cartridge to obtain the license, then using the USB CopyNES from RetroUSB, dumped out the game binary for the next step.

Games: Beholder, PE, Jailbreaking PS5

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  • You can grab a free to keep copy of Beholder on Steam | GamingOnLinux

    Beholder, a very well-reviewed game about being a state-installed landlord in a totalitarian country is currently available free for keeps on Steam. You might want to act fast on this one, as it seems the free to keep period ends tomorrow, November 11.

    "A totalitarian State controls every aspect of private and public life. Laws are oppressive. Surveillance is total. Privacy is dead. You are the State-installed manager of an apartment building. Your daily routine involves making the building a sweet spot for tenants, who will come and go.

  • Proton Experimental gets Age of Empires 4 working out of the box on Linux | GamingOnLinux

    Want to play Age of Empires 4 on Linux? Now you can. Another update for Proton Experimental has gone live. What is Steam Play and Proton? See our beginner's guide for more if you're unclear.

    As of November 9, Proton Experimental got fixes to allow Age of Empires 4 to work as well as Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy (although that only works on AMD GPUs currently). Additionally, a rare crash when starting up Baldur's Gate 3 was also solved for this release.

  • System76 patches APT for Pop!_OS to prevent users breaking their systems | GamingOnLinux

    There's been a huge amount of talk recently about switching to Linux for gaming, thanks to the challenge from Linus Tech Tips (YouTube) where two of their people tried the full-switch but it didn't go so well for Linus and Pop!_OS. Now, System76 are trying to improve.

    It was pretty unfortunate that as Linus was going to install Steam, Pop's packaging had some sort of breakage that wasn't quite picked up and Linus ended up hosing the Pop desktop install. You can easily do some finger-pointing on where the real blame lies here from Pop not ensuring a major package like Steam works correctly before it's pushed to users, to Linus ignoring the (what should be) pretty-clear warning message...

  • Hacking the Sony Playstation 5 - Schneier on Security

    I just don’t think it’s possible to create a hack-proof computer system, especially when the system is physically in the hands of the hackers.

  • A pair of PS5 hacks could be the first steps towards jailbreaking Sony’s latest console

    The two exploits are particularly notable due to the level of access they theoretically give to the PS5’s software. Decrypted firmware — which is possible through Fail0verflow’s keys — would potentially allow for hackers to further reverse engineer the PS5 software and potentially develop the sorts of hacks that allowed for things like installing Linux, emulators, or even pirated games on past Sony consoles.

Games: Dragon Evo, Fallout 4, ChimeraOS 27, and GOG

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  • Early Access arrives soon for the fantasy competitive card battler Dragon Evo | GamingOnLinux

    After having a few early releases available on the web and, Dragon Evo is entering the next stage of its life as a free to play competitive card battler on Steam and in Early Access.

    "Dragon Evo is a unique tactical card game blending a touch of RTS with the thrill of RPGs and the best of deck building games. With our favourite elements from role playing, strategy and deck building / card games, it's a game like no other - a truly unique experience spanning across genres."

  • Fallout 4 apparently uses Windows Media Audio, and this creates issues with Wine. – BaronHK's Rants

    Windows Media Audio….

    The proprietary competitor to Ogg Vorbis and MP3 from 20 years ago that you figured you’d never hear about again, apparently actually is used in some Windows games.

    At least Fallout 4.

    When I tried to get it working in Wine 6.19, it would crash with assertion failed and mention something about FAudio (which, itself, apparently reimplements some DirectX audio APIs), but specifically that it couldn’t play back WMA audio.

    It would make it through the launcher and then crash as soon as it got to the main menu.

    It seems that it generally runs okay in the “Glorious Eggroll” version of Wine 6.16 as provided in a Lutris package. I made a Wine prefix for it, and everything works.

    I noticed that in the Wine 6.21 news that they made some changes to FAudio in relation to some video games, including Skyrim SE, another Bethesda title, which uses the same engine as Fallout 4.

    So I ran the game in Wine 6.21. The performance is a little better, but there is no music or “radio” on the PIP Boy.

    This seemed like the missing GStreamer MP3 codec problem that occurs in Fallout 3, New Vegas, and TES: Oblivion, except I know I have codecs for WMA installed. They should be part of “gstreamer1.0-libav”, which is now using ffmpeg, which I know has a WMA codec.

  • ChimeraOS 27 is out with touch-screen improvements for the AYA NEO | GamingOnLinux

    ChimeraOS (previously called GamerOS) is a Linux distribution aimed at full-screen devices and console styled couch-gaming, much in the same way that SteamOS is.

    In the years since Valve stopped updating SteamOS 2, ChimeraOS has plugged a rather nice gap for such devices and the developer continues to make improvements. ChimeraOS 27 just rolled out with the usual assortment of main software tech upgrades including Linux 5.14.15, Mesa 21.2.4, NVIDIA 495.44, RetroArch 1.9.11 and more.

  • GOG's Made in Poland sale has lots of goodies going cheap again | GamingOnLinux

    Celebrating Polish creativity in gaming, GOG's Made in Poland sale is live and it's yet another chance to save lots of pennies on some great games.

  • Denuvo-Protected Games Rendered Unplayable After Domain Expires

    Last evening the web was alive with angry players who couldn't play their games due to an unexpected error. While the situation is still not completely clear, it appears that someone allowed a domain used by Denuvo's anti-piracy technology to expire, meaning that players of some big games couldn't enjoy what they had paid for.

Games: DUSK, Surviving Mars, and Valheim

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  • Fantastic retro-FPS DUSK gets The New and Old Update for Linux | GamingOnLinux

    A little later than expected but DUSK now has The New and Old Update available in the native Linux version. This is the free update that came along with the Nintendo Switch release of the game, adding in numerous enhancements that were done for it.

  • Paradox continue attempting to make Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond worth it | GamingOnLinux

    Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond released back in early September, and to say the reviews have been poor would be quite the understatement but they're continuing to try and improve it.

    Released on November 4 was the first content update for Below and Beyond, where they said the first focus was around making it easier to use the Underground, Asteroid Lander and Elevator. Not only that, they're trying to give you more of a point to doing either for your main colony. That is probably the biggest issue with the expansion, it added other places to explore and build, which sounded nice but for so little gain.

  • Valheim gets another small release fixing up crashes, a little optimization too | GamingOnLinux

    Ahead of another week of survival, Iron Gate has updated their popular co-op survival game Valheim with a mixture of different improvements but no major changes.

    For starters they upgrade the Unity game engine from 2019.4.24f1 to 2019.4.31f1, which was "long-awaited" that should help fix some random crash bugs to do with pathfinding. Hooray for more stability! Additionally the comfort calculation was performance optimized, Mead bases show status effects on tooltip and some localization updates.


    Looks like the popularity of Valheim is holding pretty stable now at around 30,000 players online each day. The most recent Hearth & Home major update seemed to bring back quite a lot of players.

Games: Splitgate , Steam Deck, GameMode, and More

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  • Splitgate expands the options available for making Custom Games more unique | GamingOnLinux

    1047 Games recently released a big update to Splitgate, their free to play first-person shooter with portals to enable players to make more interesting Custom Games.

    You're not just limited to casual and competitive modes, as you can also make your own with various rules. This November update includes an overhaul to custom game lobbies, an easier way to edit the game modes and maps. This new system looks a lot better, with you easily picking through various main modes each with different variants available with a lot more presets to choose from. The new game settings UI is also adjusted so it's split between things like Map, Mode, Team and Player options where you can really tweak all the individual bits - like giving each team different options.

  • Heroes of Might and Magic II recreation fheroes2 v0.9.9 further improves the original | GamingOnLinux

    Another great sounding releasing for the game engine reimplementation of Heroes of Might and Magic II (fheroes2) is available right now to play on modern systems.

    Ensuring that all parts of the game are correct they added the missing part of the Captain's Quarters in the Barbarian castle, the Cave in the Warlock castle is not rendered any more when it's not built but the Waterfall is, plus some fixes for the blurred road and incorrect rendering of the Moat for the Captain's Quarters.

  • HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed details Steam Deck support, shows a quick video | GamingOnLinux

    HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is another developer who will be ensuring their games works nicely with the Valve Steam Deck.

    What is it? Hypercharge is a classic-style Third and First-Person Shooter inspired by Toy Story and Small Soldiers. It focuses on Wave-Based Shooting with Defense Building mechanics. You must complete the mission of Sgt. Max Ammo and prevent the HYPER-CORE from being destroyed.

  • Bohemia Interactive are 'looking into' DayZ for the Steam Deck | GamingOnLinux

    One tough uphill battle currently facing Steam Play Proton and the Steam Deck is still anti-cheat. While there has been improvements, it's still not an ideal situation but at least one more developer is looking into it with Bohemia Interactive for DayZ.

    It's a little different to support native Linux builds of games, as developers would use the native Linux versions of anti-cheat but for games that don't support Linux like that, they will rely on the Steam Play Proton compatibility layer to run the Windows version. The problem there remains that with Easy Anti-Cheat developers need to upgrade their SDK, then of course it all needs ensuring it works correctly. With BattleEye previously mentioning what sounded like the same.

  • RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 reimplementation OpenRCT2 v0.3.5 brings new features | GamingOnLinux

    OpenRCT2 continues being an impressive free and open source game engine reimplementation for RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, allowing you to play it nicely cross-platform on modern systems.

  • How to improve the performance of games in Linux using GameMode

    Feral Interactive is a company and distributor of games for different platforms (macOS, Linux, iOS devices, Android devices and Nintendo Switch) to which we can attribute several quite good titles.

    Well, for some time now the company has been working and improving its tool called “GameMode” which is an impressive tool that can improve performance while playing on Linux.

Games: 9 Years of Valve (DRM) and Easy Anti-Cheat/BattlEye (Rootkits)

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  • It's Been 9 Years Since Valve Rolled Out The Steam Linux Beta - Phoronix

    Today marks nine years already since Valve began rolling out their Steam Linux beta client after a very exciting summer. While the initial Steam on Linux excitement phased out a bit after Steam Machines didn't materialize, as we approach a decade with Steam on Linux it's easily as exciting as ever thanks to Steam Play / Proton for allowing massive amounts of Windows games to run on Linux and the imminent release of the Steam Deck that has fueled renewed interest around Linux gaming.

  • 9 years ago Valve put out a Beta of Steam for Linux | GamingOnLinux

    9 years to the date, Valve officially put up a limited Beta release of the Steam Client for Linux. It's safe to say it's been a rather bumpy but exciting ride.

    Want to know the history of how things happened? Back in July 2021 we wrote up a detailed look into it all titled "Faster Zombies to Steam Deck: The History of Valve and Linux Gaming". Based on that we'll refrain from going over it all again, we suggest you grab a quick coffee and give that a read.

  • Supporting Linux / Proton and the Steam Deck with BattlEye is just an email away | GamingOnLinux

    Recently we had announcements from both Easy Anti-Cheat and BattlEye in regards to Linux, specifically for the Steam Play Proton compatibility layer and the Steam Deck and now BattlEye are making it easier. While developers who produce native Linux games can just use the native versions of both anti-cheats, the situation is different for Proton because it's running the Windows version.

    The problem with the previous announcements was that developers had to opt into it manually, with EAC specifically explaining that developers had to upgrade to a new SDK. Not something that's actually quick and easy, since a lot of games need to go through many hands to test and approve it, especially for bigger developers.

  • BattlEye Support In Good Shape With Steam Client Beta + Proton Experimental - Phoronix

    Back in September it was announced that the BattlEye anti-cheat technology would support Proton with an emphasis on the forthcoming Steam Deck. Now as a nice present for Steam's 9th birthday on Linux, that BattlEye support is coming together.

    Today's Proton Experimental update paired with the latest Steam client beta has the necessary integration in place for working with BattlEye.

Godot 3.4 is released with major features and UX polish

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All Godot contributors are delighted to release our latest milestone today, Godot 3.4, after more than 6 months of development!

While most development focus is on our upcoming Godot 4.0 release, many contributors and users want a robust and mature 3.x branch to develop and publish their games today, so it's important for us to keep giving Godot 3 users an improved gamedev experience. As such, most of the focus was on implementing missing features or bugfixes which are critical for publishing 2D and 3D games with Godot 3, and on making the existing features more optimized and reliable.

Godot 3.4 is compatible with Godot 3.3.x projects and is a recommended upgrade for all 3.3.x users.

Read more

Also: Godot 3.4 Released With Many New Features For This Open-Source Game Engine

Games: Steam Deck, Total War: WARHAMMER III, OpenMW, and Proton

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  • Watch this before you buy your Steam Deck. - Invidious
  • Total War: WARHAMMER III launches February 17 - 2022, Linux port soon after | GamingOnLinux

    Creative Assembly has now confirmed that Total War: WARHAMMER III will be officially launching on February 17, 2022 but if you're waiting on the Linux port it will be a little after.

    This was confirmed yesterday, with their official FAQ being updated to note it will "also be available as close to launch day as possible on macOS and Linux thanks to our friends at Feral Interactive – we’ll be confirming exactly when closer to release day".

  • Discover the Top 14 New Games to Play on Linux With Proton Since October 2021 - Boiling Steam

    We are back with our usual monthly update! Boiling Steam looks at the latest data dumps from ProtonDB to give you a quick list of new games that work (pretty much?) perfectly with Proton since October 2021 – all of them work out of the box or well enough with tweaks...

  • OpenMW brings many new features for Morrowind in the new 0.47.0 release | GamingOnLinux

    Rejoice RPG fans! There's a fresh and fancy new release of OpenMW, the free and open source game engine reimplementation for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. One of the best around, this enables you to play Morrowind on modern platforms (like Linux!) easily with many enhancements over the original while still keeping the original gameplay.

    Over a year since the last release this brings with it absolutely tons of bugs solved for the game and the editor, while also bringing with it brand new features. A fair amount of the game engine features improved and background things, some of which users won't directly notice but keep OpenMW running smoothly.

  • Proton Experimental gets Disgaea 4 & Mafia II working plus CEG startup improvements | GamingOnLinux

    More quick fixes coming in recently for Proton Experimental to get even more Windows games to play nicely on Linux with this compatibility layer. Note: to play games using CEG DRM, you should opt into the Steam Client Beta.

    Released November 4, the latest update to Proton Experimental added in improved support for Mafia II (Classic), Disgaea 4 Complete+ and Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered. On top of that, work more went into improving the new support for CEG DRM on Linux with Proton. Now you should see an improvement to the startup time of games using it, pushing it another step forwards towards being ready to roll out in a stable version of Proton.

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