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Games: Crumble, Astro Golf, Fort Triumph and Open Broadcast Software (OBS) Studio

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  • Dynamic physics 3D platformer 'Crumble' has a fresh demo available with very varied levels

    Roll around as a ball with a loose tongue you use as a swing in Crumble, now with a much updated demo available to try.

    A game I tried out and did a little video for back in April, it's actually really good. I can't help but laugh at the goofy little face on the blue ball you control as their tongue flaps around.

    Talking about what's new the developer said it has "new contents, new levels, improved mechanics and visuals!". Seems like a lot of work went into it too, it looks and feels a lot better than the first demo. There's a little intro now and the second level makes great use of the tongue swinging system and it's quite a challenge.

  • Astro Golf, a simple and relaxing game about shooting some balls in space

    After spending tons of time with Factorio recently, I needed something that used a little less brainpower to relax with and Astro Golf is a game that fits perfectly. It's about interplanetary golf, launching a ball across planets and getting it to touch their gravity and slide into a hole.

    Simple stuff, incredibly relaxing and it was made on Linux too with Unity.

  • Fantasy turn-based tactics game with dynamic environments 'Fort Triumph' has a massive upgrade

    In my book, the more games that attempt XCOM-styled combat the better. Fort Triumph is one that does it, only it's pushing things even further with the dynamic environments and the fantasy setting.

    The fun in Fort Triumph really is in how you use the environment to your advantage. Drop trees on top of people, kick a box into them, set fire to everything around them and more there's tons you can do with it. Are they by some water? Run over and kick them into it. There's even a character class that can use a grappling hook to pull enemies into things, which can sometimes be truly hilarious when you manage to set off a physics chain-reaction by doing so.

  • Easy Linux Game Streaming with OBS

    For many, watching other people play games has long taken over from TV as the favoured source of entertainment content. As a creator, whether you stream via YouTube, or Mixter, Open Broadcast Software (OBS) Studio is the swiss-army knife to do it. The OBS snap makes this a breeze, whichever Linux distro you’re playing on, and simplifies hardware-accelerated video encoding. Let’s take a look at the setup.

Easily Organize And Enjoy Your Linux Game Collection With GameHub

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This month’s visual overhaul to our Steam library is a welcome change, especially when it comes to organizing and categorizing our collections. But Steam isn’t the only game in town in town when it comes to our Linux game libraries. This week I stumbled across a terrific little app called GameHub, and if you find yourself with a large collection of games across services like GOG, Humble Bundle and Steam, you’re going to want this!

GameHub is best described as a unified library and launcher for all of your – even if they’re not native Linux titles, and even if they’ve been installed with other nifty Linux gaming solutions like Lutris or PlayOnLinux.

That’s because it includes built-in support for Wine, Proton, DOSBox, RetroArch and ScummVM.

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GameMode improvements for GNOME 3.34 and Fedora 31

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Red Hat

Christian Schaller wrote an excellent blog post highlighting a lot of the cool new features and improvements that ship with Fedora 31. I wanted to add to that and give an overview of new things and improvements we did for GameMode that will be in Fedora 31. First of all a quick refresher about GameMode:

GameMode is a solution to optimize performance of a GNU/Linux system for gaming. This is to improve frames-per-seconds as well as make games run smoother, i.e. avoid stuttering. Performance optimization is done by applying various global and per-game tweaks: setting the CPU governor, adjusting the I/O priority, changing the niceness of the game and setting a different kernel scheduler (SCHED_ISO). It recently gained support for setting GPU performance modes (NVIDIA and AMD) and GPU overclocking (NVIDIA). Additionally it will inhibit the screensaver and can execute custom scripts on start and end.

There were two main issues that I focused on: First it was hard to tell if GameMode was currently active and what games/programs were requesting it. The second one was to make GameMode compatible with flatpaks. Both required changes to the GameMode daemon and the API. Upstream was very quick to review and merge all the required patches and roll a release (1.4), thanks a bunch of that.

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Games: Catmaze, AI War 2, and GOG

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  • Fairy metroidvania inspired by Slavic myths, Catmaze, adds Linux support

    Ready for your next Metroidvania? Catmaze, a game inspired by Slavic myths is now officially supported and available on Linux as of earlier this week.

    Created by developer Redblack Spade, who also made the 2017 dark puzzle game Reflection of Mine (supports Linux) and the upcoming psychedelic metroidvania Fearmonium (will also support Linux) Linux support arrives for Catmaze well over a year after the Steam release but good things come to those who wait right? Seems so, with it having a "Very Positive" rating on Steam from over 200 users.

  • Looks like the grand strategy space game AI War 2 could release in October

    AI War 2, the space grand strategy game currently in Early Access being developed by Arcen Games is looking close to a full release in October.

    Recently, Arcen have been releasing some pretty big updates to the game polishing up all aspects of it and replacing some older placeholder elements. One such update was released yesterday and in the Steam announcement they mentioned a tentative release date of October 22nd.

  • GOG are giving away Freespace 2 in their Interstellar Sale with some good discounts on too

    GOG have another interesting sale going on as well as Freespace 2 going free for the next 48 hours, don't miss out!

    If you're not aware, Freespace 2 can be played on Linux thanks to the FSOpen project after Volition open sourced the game engine used way back in 2002. Freespace 2 is also one of my absolute favourite space combat sims and it's still awesome to this day even when compared to some newer games.

Games: Havocado, Depraved, Sky Racket, Broken Lines

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  • Hilarious looking multiplayer physics fighting game Havocado adds a Linux build

    Here's a bit of a win for a Wednesday morning. The developer of the multiplayer physics fighting game, Havocado, added a Linux version.

    A user on Steam posted on their forum about it being "quite crashy" with Steam Play Proton, asking if they plan to support Linux or make it work better with Proton. The reply from a developer wasn't quite what you would normally expect. As it turns out it did originally have a Linux version but they dropped it as no one seemed to play it and doing it "took some time away from development". Now people seem interested, they added it back and said it will "continue to support it in future updates".

  • Wild West styled city builder Depraved has left Early Access

    A city builder with survival elements and a Wild West theme? Sign me up! Depraved just recently left Early Access.

    Set in a procedurally generated world so each play through is different, it has the standard setup for a smaller city builder. Start of with nothing but a single carriage full of resources and eventually build up into a bustling town. Not quite the same as massive titles like Cities: Skylines though, since it's smaller and more focused with the survival elements as you need to keep your people happy with their various needs. You also need to deal with bandits, overcome harsh seasons and weather, wild animals and more.

  • The very unique block breaking shoot 'em up Sky Racket has a release date

    Releasing on October 22nd, Sky Racket is a shoot 'em up that's also a bit like Arkanoid/Breakout. A strange mix but it works well! A game I actually tested and reported on here at GamingOnLinux back in July, it really did impress me with the genre blending.

    It's a side-scroller like classic shoot 'em ups, but you're basically playing Tennis with enemy projectiles. You're not firing off lasers or bombs or anything yourself, instead you're sending their own armaments right back at them to destroy them and any blocks in your way. They're called it a "Shmup Breaker"—works for me!

  • Broken Lines will bring a story-driven tactical RPG in an alternative WW2 setting to Linux

    With quite good looking graphics and gameplay that has me wanting to see more, Broken Lines could be a good tactical RPG for Linux and it's releasing later this year. This is one we completely missed from Gamescom!

Epic Games Contributes New SDL Video Driver For Offscreen Rendering

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Epic Games' Brandon Schaefer (and in fact former Canonical developer working on Ubuntu's Mir display server) has contributed a new SDL2 video driver back-end for offscreen rendering.

This offscreen video driver for SDL2 is intended for headless rendering and for letting multiple GPUs be used for headless rendering via EGL.

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Games: Imperator: Rome, Space Grunts 2 and D9VK 0.21

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  • Imperator: Rome has a big free 'Cicero' update out now with some major changes

    Paradox have just launched a big free update to their struggling new strategy game Imperator: Rome, which might help to turn things around for it.

    Today the free Cicero update launched, which Paradox said lets "the player focus on political consequences and imperial governance instead of waiting for numbers to grow"

  • Space Grunts 2 combines a turn-based rogue-like with card-based battles, out now

    Orangepixel just released their latest game Space Grunts 2, keeping a similar approach to the original with the roguelike experience and turn-based battles only this time with cards.

    If the name is not familiar, Orangepixel also made games including: Heroes of Loot, Space Grunts, Ashworld, Gunslugs:Rogue Tactics and more. They've supported Linux for a long time and Space Grunts 2 continues that.

  • D3D9 over Vulkan gets even better as D9VK 0.21 'Lollihop' is out

    Developer Joshua Ashton continues doing some great work, as another release of the D3D9 to Vulkan layer D9VK is out.

    Released just today, D9VK 0.21 'Lollihop' implements more needed D3D9 features like D3DBLEND_BOTHSRCALPHA and D3DBLEND_BOTHINVSRCALPHA. There's also now support for "locking of MSAA images with intermediate resolve" which is apparently invalid behaviour for D3D9 "but everyone supports this", the YUV2 and YUVY video formats were implemented for compute shaders and some "minor" performance improvements.

  • D9VK 0.21 Implements More Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan Functionality, Many Bug Fixes

    D9VK 0.21 is out today as the newest feature release for this project implementing the Direct3D 9 API over Vulkan.

    The D9VK 0.21 release implements more blending features, support for locking of MSAA images with intermediate resolve, locking of depth stencil images, YUVY/YUV2 video format support via compute shaders, and other features now hooked up for D3D9 / DXSO / fixed function functionality. Various performance improvements are also present.

Games: OBS Studio, The Long Dark and More

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  • Transform your x86 Linux PC into a Retro-Gaming Powerhouse with Retropie!
  • Twitch now officially sponsor OBS Studio development and more in the latest progress report

    I honestly don't know where we would be without OBS Studio now, it's a fantastic bit of free and open source software for recording videos and doing livestreams. It seems Twitch agree.

    Developer and OBS founder Hugh "Jim" Bailey, wrote a new progress report yesterday which goes over some thoughts on how they're doing. The first big point was how Twitch have started directly supporting OBS Studio (full announcement), as they've become a "Premiere" level sponsor which means they're pumping more than $50K a year into the project. It's not clear exactly how much, as the sponsor tiers only go up to "Diamond" which is $50K a year and Twitch are being listed above that level on the OBS contribute page.

  • Steam's top releases for August 2019 are out, here's our usual look over

    Another month has passed and Valve have just now put up a post going over some of the big new releases on Steam for August.

    Their top twenty list goes over what games earned the most in the first two weeks following the release. It doesn't matter if it's a "full" release or Early Access as it all counts when talking about revenue. Then they also take a look at the top five free titles by their peak concurrent player count following release.

  • The Long Dark is celebrating five years since release, Episode 3 of the story due in October

    Five years ago in September 2014, The Long Dark entered Early Access as a rather unique take on the survival game genre. Later in November 2015, it also released for Linux.

    That might seem like a long time, but for a full game to be developed it's really not. There's plenty that have gone on for far longer like Project Zomboid which has been going since some time in 2011. Bigger games do tend to take a long time, especially for a smaller team like Hinterland with The Long Dark.

Games: Steam, DXVK and Untitled Goose Game

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  • Another Steam Client Beta is up, fixing a Linux issue and some Remote Play problems

    Valve have again released another update to the Steam Library beta. There's still a lot of issues with it but they seem to be getting through the major problems.

    For the new Library they've added a screenshots section to pages for non-Steam games, non-Steam games should be available when Family View is enabled and they fixed an issue with the play bar going over the links bar on the game details when library sharing is active.

  • Steam Play Proton 4.11-6 is out with newer DXVK, support for The Surge 2 and GTA 5 launcher fixes

    Valve and CodeWeavers have once again updated Steam Play Proton as they react quickly to issues that appear.

    It's another small release too but small isn't exactly a bad thing. Seeing more regular updates to fix issues for major titles is actually something I had hoped they would do.

  • Valve Releases Proton 4.11-6 To Pull In DXVK 1.4

    Just a week past the previous Proton update, Proton 4.11-6 is out today from Valve as the latest version of their Wine downstream powering Steam Play.

    The principal change to Proton 4.11-6 is pulling in this weekend's release of DXVK 1.4. The DXVK 1.4 release has Direct3D 11.4 + DXGI 1.5 support to improve game compatibility, and fixes to benefit a handful of games like the Rockstar Game Launcher and Dark Souls III.

  • How Untitled Goose Game adapted Debussy for its dynamic soundtrack

    Using Logic, he split up the song into two beats, ending up at about 400 stems. And although the notes can sometimes cut off midway through musical phrases, the songs avoid sounding chopped up through the use of reverb. “I exported each of these stems so that the reverb rings out as much as it can,” he says. “Each of these stems, they’re not the same length, even though they’re the same musical length. You can play them over the top of each other, and it just sounds like the piano is holding down the sustain pedal.”

    The stems were then matched up to the game, which operates in three states: the first is a silent state, where the goose is just hanging out, not doing anything; in the second state, the “low energy version” is performed as the goose is plotting and scheming, moving closer to his prey; and the third state is when you’re being actively chased, which is the performance you’d hear on a record. The game chooses which version to play depending on what’s happening — so taking into account all the different ways the stems can be matched together, that means the amount of different versions you can hear is “a number with, like, 52 zeroes,” Golding says. “One of the beauties of the game is that nobody’s gonna get the same performance.”

Games: Jenny LeClue - Detectivu, Death Trash and GOG Gaming

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