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Games: Popular Tools of GNU/Linux Gamers, Barotrauma, GamecubePC, and DRM

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  • Popular Tools of Linux Gamers in 2021 - Boiling Steam

    We are progressively reaching the end of our Q2 2021 survey analysis articles. This time we look at the usage of a specific set of tools among Linux Gamers.


    You can probably guess that some of them are more popular than others. It will come as absolutely no surprise to learn that ProtonDB is, for example, widely known and used. But how about Steam Tinker Launcher (STL) vs GameHub? or Minigalaxy vs Heroic Games Launcher? Such comparisons of popularity are not as obvious.

  • Submarine survival sim Barotrauma gets a huge 'Among the Ancients' update | GamingOnLinux

    Among the Ancients is the latest update for the tough submarine survival game Barotrauma, bringing with it new alien ruins and character progression to give you more of everything.

    Characters got a visual overhaul with many new hair styles, facial features and accessories. Skin tone can now also be changed, thanks to the implementation of a skin shader system. While character animations and proportions are now more realistic, they still retain their trademark ragdoll appearance and movement for maximum viewing pleasure as you fall about all over the place. The new progression system enables you to unlock special talents and buffs to make each class a bit more unique too.

  • Colonize the red planet in Terraformers: First Steps on Mars, a free prologue out now | GamingOnLinux

    Terraformers: First Steps on Mars is the free prologue for the upcoming colony sim from Asteroid Lab and Goblinz Publishing. Available now to try out.

    Terraformers is a strategy game with roguelite elements in which you terraform Mars. Explore the planet's wonders, exploit its resources and expand by settling new cities. Start the terraforming process: warming the planet, creating oceans and spreading life. This free prologue offers up an exclusive challenge to lead humanity's first attempt at settling the Red Planet.

  • GamecubePC Packs Plenty Of Punch Into GameCube Plastics | Hackaday

    If reading Hackaday teaches us anything, it’s that there is a subset of hackers who take things like emulator builds a step farther than most. [GamecubePC] is very clearly one such hacker. Enter the GamecubePC, which you can read about on The GamecubePC is a multi-year project that aims to stuff an entire Windows 10 PC into a GameCube shell while still being able to play Wii and GameCube titles at native resolution and performance.

  • Games Relying On CEG DRM Should Now Be Able To Run With Steam Play - Phoronix

    Running the newest Steam client beta paired with the newest Proton Experimental should yield more Windows games working on Steam Play with Linux.

    Valve has been busy getting more anti-cheat/DRM services working under Proton (Steam Play) ahead of the first Steam Deck devices shipping to consumers later this quarter. Their latest achievement is getting CEG DRM'ed games working, at least if you are willing to use Proton Experimental and Steam beta for the time being... About time considering Valve developed CEG (Custom Executable Generation).

  • Fixing a Broken Game Installer By Sheer Force Of Will
  • Heroes of Might and Magic V – Hammers of Bait and Switch? – Made Up Explorations

    My partner came to me the other day, complaining that the game she bought from Ubisoft, Heroes of Might and Magic V: Hammers of Fate, wouldn’t install. This is an expansion pack of “Heroes of Might and Magic V” from 2006 and is now offered on Ubisoft’s service of some sort – I don’t know much about it. I don’t use it. It’s one of her favourite game series and she’s going to be taking a trip soon where she’ll need the moral support that gaming provides. I offered to take a look.

Games: Epic, GOG, Steam, and Free Software (Battle for Wesnoth)

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  • Sorry, Meta: Epic Games is already winning the metaverse race

    So, what is the metaverse? It depends on who you ask. The most basic explanation is that its series of shared digital spaces that goes a few steps beyond the current [Internet]. It’s theoretically a place where you could live a whole digital life. That could mean that you have your own digital avatar who spends a form of virtual currency on digital goods. We’ve already seen bits and pieces of that emerging over the past few years especially, but Meta is looking to accelerate the process.

    There’s only one problem: It’s already too late to the game. Sketches of the metaverse already exist in the video game world, with Epic Games leading the charge in particular. And frankly, Meta isn’t cool enough to compete.

  • Steam and GOG both have their big Halloween Sale live | GamingOnLinux

    You have money left from all the previous sales right? Well, prepare your wallet (again) for even more sales from two of the biggest stores around. Both Steam and GOG have their Halloween sales live, and of course there's almost no-end to the discounts.

    Over on Steam, the new sale page actually highlights at the top various in-game events going on which is incredibly useful for those who want to dive into them and as you scroll down there's game after game to choose from. The special page also has various easy category links.

  • The Battle for Wesnoth hits new landmark with release 1.16 | GamingOnLinux

    The last time we covered the Battle for Wesnoth, the team was on the lookout for new contributors and regular members, as it prepared for a major release. On the 25th of October, the team finally announced the newest 1.16 stable build, hitting yet another milestone for the now 18 year old project.

  • Valve adds support for games using CEG DRM through Steam Play Proton | GamingOnLinux

    If you have the latest version of Proton Experimental, Valve just recently put up a new Steam Client Beta (October 28) too which allows playing Windows games on Linux that make use of their older CEG DRM. This is quite a big one actually, as it was a total showstopper for numerous games. Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais said on Twitter it's only "initial" support and to post any you test on the official GitHub bug report for it.

Games: Worldbox - God Simulator and Blender 3.x Roadma

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  • Cause chaos in the pixel-art god sim WorldBox when it releases December 2 on Steam | GamingOnLinux

    After being available for direct purchases for some time now, the popular pixel-art god sim will enter Early Access on Steam on December 2.

    In Worldbox - God Simulator you can build your own world and fill it with life. It gives you the ability to create various forms of life including sheep, wolves, humans, orcs and even a UFO. Over time you watch and see how civilizations form and fall from the comfort of your chair. Don't like how it's going? Destroy them all - you're the god.

  • Blender 3.x Roadmap Has Big Plans For Vulkan, Other Improvements - Phoronix

    With Blender 3.0 releasing soon, the Blender project has published a Blender 3.x road-map outlining some of their plans for future releases.

    The Blender 3.x road-map was published this morning to provide a fresh look at the changes ahead for this leading open-source 3D modeling software. Blender 3.x will see a lot of work on using the Vulkan API along with other exciting areas.

Games: Sonic, Steam, Proton Experimental, Alchemic Cutie

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  • Love Sonic? Check out the Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle | GamingOnLinux

    I grew up playing Sonic on the Sega Mega Drive, so this looks like an awesome bundle for me. Humble Bundle has put up a small but nice collection with the Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle.

  • NFT developers petition Valve to unban blockchain games from Steam

    A group of 29 NFT developers and technology advocacy groups, including digital rights-focused nonprofit Fight For the Future, is asking Valve to reverse its ban of blockchain games on Steam. In an open letter, they write, "In the spirit of [Steam's] pioneering vision, we ask that you take a chance on this rapidly growing technology."

    That technology was more or less banned from Steam earlier this month when Valve added a rule prohibiting applications that "issue or allow exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs." Valve hasn't publicly explained its reason for the decision, but according to Age of Rust developer SpacePirate, Valve doesn't want "items that can have real-world value" on Steam.

  • New build of Proton Experimental helps Project CARS 3, Control and more on Linux | GamingOnLinux

    We continue seeing lots of quick fixes coming into Proton Experimental, the special testing version of the Steam Play Proton compatibility layer with another release up now. This is the software that enables you to run Windows games and applications on Linux with Steam. If you wish to know more about Steam Play and Proton do check out our dedicated section.

  • Tame wild jellies in Alchemic Cutie when it releases on November 12 | GamingOnLinux

    Ready for your next super-sweet casual adventure? Alchemic Cutie is set to finally see a Steam release with native Linux support on November 12.

    Alchemic Cutie is a wholesome relaxing RPG set on colourful Wimba Island. While taming wild jellies, you’ll meet villagers, enter jelly competitions and uncover the secrets of the island. With a style a bit like Stardew Valley and a setting that looks just as lovely, it's got plenty for you to do. The jelly raising system sounds like a lot of fun with each being given unique stats, plus there's over four thousand visual styles for them. You get to tame, breed and raise whatever you want.

Samsung Becomes The Latest Tech Giant To Launch A Game Streaming Service

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The platform will run on the company’s custom Linux based operating system called Tizen.

Read more

Games: Godot Engine, Vintage Arcade, Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 Under GPL

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  • Godot Engine - Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: ENet wrappers, WebRTC.

    Howdy Godotters! Time for yet another status update on networking in Godot.

    This time, we are going to dig a bit deeper into the low-level territory, showing some of the new ENet features exposed in Godot 4, and the effort of bringing WebRTC on all Godot-supported platforms.

  • Release candidate: Godot 3.4 RC 2

    The upcoming Godot 3.4 release will provide a number of new features which have been backported from the 4.0 development branch (see our release policy for details on the various Godot versions). With this second Release Candidate, we have frozen feature development and are nearly ready to release the stable version.

    If you already reviewed the changelog for RC 1, you can skip right to the differences between RC 1 and RC 2.

  • Vintage Arcade Used Negative Voltage To Turn Volume Up To 11 | Hackaday

    When [Nicole Express] got her hands on the logic board for the 1986 SNK arcade game Athena, she ran into a rather thorny problem: The board expected to be fed negative five volts! [Nicole]’s analysis of the problem and a brilliant solution are outlined in her well written blog post.

    [Nicole]’s first task was to find out which devices need negative voltage. She found that the negative five volts was being fed through a capacitor to the ground pins on the Mitsubishi M151516L, an obscure 12 W audio amplifier. After finding the data sheet, she realized something strange: the amp didn’t call for negative voltage at all! A mystery was afoot.

    To fully understand the problem, she considered a mid-1980’s arcade and its cacophony of sounds. How would a manufacturer make their arcade game stand out? By making it louder, obviously! And how did they make their game louder than the rest?

  • Paradox needs a bit more time to finish Crusader Kings III - Royal Court | GamingOnLinux

    Crusader Kings III, the popular strategy game from Paradox is expanding with the upcoming Royal Court DLC but it's just not ready yet.

    Announced on Tuesday, October 26, Paradox said plain and simply that "we are not, at the moment, entirely satisfied with Royal Court's progress, especially regarding its stability" and so it's going to release at some point during 2022 but they're not giving us a date as to when just yet. With this being the first CKIII expansion, Paradox said it will include "a set of features entirely new to the CK series, including cultural evolution and language" and so they are continously experimenting with it.

  • Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 get open sourced under the GPL

    Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 are two classic titles originally developed by Adeline Software International and now they've both had their engine source code officially released.

  • Mind-bending puzzler Superliminal is getting a multiplayer mode | GamingOnLinux

    Superliminal is a pretty great puzzle game all about using the ambiguity of depth and perspective and to celebrate a year since the Steam release it's getting multiplayer.

    In the main single-player game, you interact with various objects in the world based on your position and how you're looking at them. It enables you to grab these items, make them big or small and use them to overcome some pretty fun puzzles. The new mode is an "experimental" Battle Royale that will be "available through the holiday season" (whatever that means).

Games, FSF, Openqwashing, Mozilla

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  • Google's Stadia Pivots To Being Some White Label Game Streaming Platform For Others To Use

    The saga of Google's Stadia product has been long, winding, and mostly disappointing. The initial launch of Google's platform, billed as a Netflix-style video game streaming service, was underwhelming and plagued with Obamacare-like rollout issues, failed promises, underperforming adoption rates, and a paltry catalogue of games on the platform. Other than that, the launch of Stadia went off without a hitch.

  • Microsoft War Stories | Coder Radio 437

    Chatting about the week's .NET news leads us into a blue-tinted tale of woe. When Microsoft taketh, they also giveth. But is it enough?

  • Beatriz Busaniche Speaks Up in Defense of Richard Stallman

    I am Beatriz Busaniche from Argentina, and I have been a free software and human rights activist for 20 years. I’m writing because I am very proud to consider myself a longtime friend of Richard Stallman. He has stayed in my home many times. I have organized many of his conferences here in Argentina, and we have shared events, social gatherings, and political and public activities. In all these years Richard has always behaved in a totally respectful, warm, and generous way to me, my family, and my friends.

    Richard has made huge contributions to the world of technology. He laid the foundation for the culture of free software, which has grown into a movement that is crucial to our world today. He has helped us to think critically about what we do and how we do it. Our movement is forever in his debt, and we must acknowledge that we have not met our responsibility to appreciate Richard as a human being.

    Those of us who are lucky enough to be well acquainted with him know that he is a sensitive, loving person, with weaknesses and imperfections like anyone. He can make mistakes, just like any of us. Yet, he has an extraordinary capacity for logical thinking, and is able to change his position when presented with clear and reasonable arguments. Sometimes, however, he expresses his ideas in an unusually direct way that may seem strange to some.

    As a feminist, I have always worked to challenge stereotypes and over-generalizations about people. I believe that we should be inclusive of those with differences and, above all, fight for justice and the rights of all people.

    I feel that Richard has been treated unfairly in recent months, and I am deeply ashamed for not having raised my voice in his defense more firmly before this.

  • Hacked! How finding my dream home almost led me to a financial nightmare [Ed: Mozilla is spying on Firefox users and it wants their passwords too... with server-side sync... in the name of security of course (ignore the NSA leaks; that's just "old news")]

    My husband and I had relocated to a new city and had been renting for two and a half years. We were finally ready to buy our own place and stop throwing money away on rent, and we had a deadline — the end of our lease. But, unfortunately, right at the time we started to look last year, the housing market started going absolutely bonkers.

    Very few houses on that market were what we were looking for, and everything was moving so quickly that houses were selling before they even hit the market. It was an exciting time, but also really frantic. We really felt the pressure. We knew we had a deadline so once we found something, we just needed to move. It felt like there was no room for error or even time to process.

  • More Stories Behind the Podcasts: Slate’s Latest Curated Collections on Pocket

    Slate and Mozilla’s Pocket have extended their ‘Behind The Podcasts’ collaboration, partnering on a series of new Pocket Collections to provide podcast and Pocket fans with even more opportunities to explore the behind-the-scenes stories that inspired some of Slate’s most successful podcasts.

    This November, Pocket readers can look forward to all-new collections curated by Slate’s podcast hosts, coinciding with new seasons of One Year, Decoder Ring and the highly anticipated sixth season of Slow Burn, one of the most-popular podcast series in Slate’s portfolio, garnering more than 65M+ downloads since its launch in 2017. The curated Pocket Collections, which offer deep-dive reads, down-the-rabbit-hole research, and commentary straight from the hosts’ notes, are the perfect ‘companion pass’ to round out new episodes of Slate’s fan favorites.

Games: Kathy Rain: Director's Cut, Megaquarium: Architect's Collection, Horizon Chase Turbo, and More

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  • The '90s mystery adventure Kathy Rain: Director's Cut is out now | GamingOnLinux

    Kathy Rain: Director's Cut is the definitive edition of the popular point and click mystery adventure from Clifftop Games and Raw Fury. It's out now and it comes with native Linux support.

    Originally released in May 2016 where is gathered only a modest attention, but won over fans of the genre over time thanks to its compelling story, excellent voice acting, and clever puzzles. Kathy Rain eventually found its audience, achieving over 1.2 million users on Steam alone. The original wasn't supported on Linux but this expanded and improved edition of it is.

  • Megaquarium: Architect's Collection expansion announced for November 11 | GamingOnLinux

    Megaquarium: Architect's Collection is the next expansion for the great aquarium building game from developer Twice Circled and it's ready to release on November 11.

    This is the second expansion pack for Megaquarium. The first, Freshwater Frenzy, launched in 2020 and gave players freshwater habitats, the ability to develop hybrids, new campaigns and more. With Megaquarium: Architect's Collection you get to focus a bit more on spaces outside of tanks with new architectural features such as bridges, archways, tunnels and more and of course it comes with some new creatures too.

  • Horizon Chase Turbo gets a DLC dedicated to the life of Ayrton Senna | GamingOnLinux

    Horizon Chase Turbo is a popular and well-reviewed retro arcade racer and the developer just released a DLC dedicated to the legend that is Ayrton Senna who died in 1994.

    Senna, hailed as one of the greatest F1 racers of all time, sadly died in an accident during the San Marino Grand Prix when colliding with a wall on a corner. For a first time in Horizon Chase Turbo, this new expansion gives you the ability to race in first-person. The aptly named Senna Forever DLC brings with it a new 5 chapter single-player career mode to race through.

  • Nintendo Switch emulator yuzu has a new Resolution Scaler, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

    yuzu, the free and open source Nintendo Switch emulator has advanced once again with the introduction of a brand new Resolution Scaler enabling you to play games at much higher resolutions. Now available in their Early Access builds, it will roll out for all users once it's properly ready for the public.

  • New Feature Release - Resolution Scaler

    Hey there, yuz-ers! For those of you eager to go beyond the limits of Switch hardware and experience the full potential of Switch games, the wait has finally ended. Our most requested and anticipated feature — the Resolution Scaler — is finally here!

  • Fantastic roguelike Caves of Qud gets more accessible with new game modes, new regions | GamingOnLinux

    Caves of Qud is a roguelike we've been writing about for years now and it continues to be one of the best modern iterations on the classic gameplay style. A huge new stable update just went out making it better than ever, for all types of players. Some of the big changes have been available in a Beta on Steam for a while but now all players get it.


    Outside of that there's the two new late-game regions, a new two-tiered settlement with many new NPCs, two new factions, a new side-quest, the Rainbow Wood was expanded and is now more dynamic, there's new plans, new plant-like animals, tons of new items and the list just goes on forever.

  • Prepare your wallet for the next confirmed Steam Sale dates | GamingOnLinux

    You may want to set aside some money and fill up that Steam Wishlist, as the next couple of big sale events now have their dates confirmed.

  • How to Install and Play War Thunder on Ubuntu

    Ubuntu has become one of the most suited Linux-based distributions for gaming. This is because of the large community support and updates. It offers compatibility for a majority of gaming titles available on Steam.
    One of the popular free-to-play games on Steam is War Thunder. War Thunder brings a twist to the multiplayer shooter genre by providing advanced ground and aerial combat (in the form of tanks and airplanes).

    War Thunder provides a wide range of tanks and airplanes to choose from and customization options to improve the vehicle stats further. This ensures that no two vehicles are the same, and the combat experience feels fresh in every match.

    With features like these, we can see why you’d like to play War Thunder.

    This guide will cover how you can install War Thunder using Steam. Although there are other methods, you can use to proceed with the installation, working with Steam is the simplest as it gets rid of the process of working with packages.

Games: Big Boy Boxing, Alisa, Steam Deck, Corpse Party, Battle for Wesnoth

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  • Check out the demo for Big Boy Boxing, a playful boss-rush fighter | GamingOnLinux

    Get ready for the punchline! Soupmaster Games announced recently their intent to support Linux with Big Boy Boxing and there's now a demo available on Steam for you to try out.

    "Experience the singleplayer action-boss-rush game with pixel-perfect retro aesthetics and inspiration from classic titles like 'Punch-Out!!', and recent indie hits like 'Cuphead'.

  • Alisa is a horror game throwback to '90s 3D games like Resident Evil | GamingOnLinux

    Successfully funded on Kickstarter the horror game throwback Alisa is out after suffering a few minor release delays and so far it's looking pretty good.

    "Alisa is a classic late-90s style horror-themed action adventure game set in a fantasy universe inspired on the 1920s. You play as an Elite Royal Agent called Alisa. While she is chasing a wanted criminal, she ends up in an old Victorian mansion. She tries to find a way out while being haunted by materialized/mechanized doll-like humanoids. Can you survive the Dollhouse?"

  • Here are five ways the Steam Deck will FAIL if it does. - Invidious

    I'm not saying the Steam Deck is destined to fail, I'm saying "if it DOES fail, this is how."

  • Corpse Party gets a new version for 2021 that's out now | GamingOnLinux

    Yes, there's another Corpse Party that's now been released. It can be a little confusing, as there's been a few but this is the latest from XSEED Games titled Corpse Party (2021).

    Something of a cult classic that was originally released in 1996, that spawned a few remakes for different platforms and some extra games that mixed in elements of a prequel and sequel. The Windows version landed in 2016, with it then coming to Linux in late 2017.

  • Battle for Wesnoth 1.16.0 Finally Available to Download | UbuntuHandbook

    After more than 2 years of development, the new major Battle for Wesnoth 1.16.0 was finally available to download.

    With Wesnoth 1.15.x development releases, it introduced new campaign: Wings of Victory, an Intermediate level Drake campaign with 11 scenarios. A new new single player or coop survival scenario, Isle of Mists is added.

    The add-on World Conquest II (now called World Conquest) has translations support. And users now has ability to add translated titles and descriptions to add-ons.

    It has overhauled the Dunefolk to improve balance against the six Default factions. Most of the Dunefolk faction’s units have new and-or updated animations. There is also a new unit called falconer, which is a branch in the skirmisher line.

Indie dev finds that Linux users generate more, better bug reports

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An indie developer has found an interesting observation: Though only 5.8% of his game's buyers were playing on Linux, they generated over 38% of the bug reports. Not because the Linux platform was buggier, either. Only 3 of the roughly 400 bug reports submitted by Linux users were platform specific, that is, would only happen on Linux.

The developer, posting as Koderski for developer Kodera Software on Reddit, makes indie game ΔV: Rings of Saturn—that's Delta V, or DV, for the non-rocket-science-literate. It's a hard science, physics-based space mining and piracy game that I quite like, personally, for its blend of playability that still honors the basics of spaceflight. If you quite like the space combat of, say, The Expanse, DV is a sim that might be for you.

Koderski says he's sold a little over 12,000 copies of his game, and about 700 of those were bought by Linux players.

"I got 1040 bug reports in total, out of which roughly 400 are made by Linux players," says Koderski's post. "That’s one report per 11.5 users on average, and one report per 1.75 Linux players. That’s right, an average Linux player will get you 650% more bug reports." Koderski's numbers are a limited sample size drawn from one person's experience, but tell a compelling story.

Read more

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    This is the second part of the two-part blog series covering embedded Linux systems and the challenges brought about by the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. In Part I, we surveyed the embedded ecosystem and the role Linux plays within that space. This blog takes you on the next step in the journey, where we explore the most demanding challenges facing manufacturers of tightly embedded IoT devices.

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    Late this year, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi unveiled CyberDog: a quadrupedal, experimental, open-source robot that the firm claims will improve the robot development environment and promote the development of the robot industry. Today, Canonical dives into the specifications of this four legged robot and discover how Ubuntu is helping the device become an open source technological platform. Xiaomi has a clear vision for its product. As Huang Changjiang, PM at Xiaomi, explains, “CyberDog is developers’ technological partner from the future. It equips inhouse-made high-performance servo motors, high computing ability, with built-in AI for visual detection system and voice interaction system, supporting a variety of bionic motion gestures.”

  • ZeroDown® Software Targets Open Source with New Canonical Partnership

    As businesses around the world and in every major industry define and accelerate their cloud strategies, the lack of open, flexible and complete high availability has become a major concern. The ZeroDown platform, built upon Canonical’s industry-leading operating system, Ubuntu, aims at integrating into Canonical’s broader Charmed OpenStack platform with its ZeroDown Ultra High-Availability TM Software, eliminating downtime and data loss for its customers, running seamlessly through planned or unplanned downtime events.

  • Data centre networking: what is OVS? | Ubuntu

    In one of our preceding blogs, we spoke about Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and the key drivers behind it. Virtualisation is one of the fundamental aspects that characterises SDN, and has influenced the architecture of network switching in the data centre. OVS (Open vSwitch) is a fundamental component of modern and open data centre SDNs, where it aggregates all the virtual machines at the server hypervisor layer. It represents the ingress point for all the traffic exiting VMs, and can be used to forward traffic between multiple virtual network functions in the form of service chains. Let’s take a closer look in order to understand what OVS is.

Compact edge AI boxes offer choice of Jetson Nano, TX2 NX, and Xavier NX

All three systems ship with the Ubuntu 18.04 with Nvidia JetPack 4.5.1. They also support Advantech’s Edge AI Suite and FaceView applications, which are available on its earlier AIR systems. Read more