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Android Leftovers

NexDock Touch Laptop Shell Features a Touchscreen Display, an Optional Magnetic Mount for Your Phone

NexDock is a Motorola Lapdock alternative launched in 2016 with a 14.1″ non-touch display, a built-in battery, and a Bluetooth keyboard. It was followed by NexDock 2 last year with a Full HD display and a USB-C port. The company has now announced they had started manufacturing NexDock Touch based on NexDock 2 but adding a touchscreen display and some other features, and the company has also developed a magnetic mount – compatible with all NexDock models – to conveniently attach your phone to the side of the display. Read more Also: Rikomagic DS02 Android Digital Signage Player Supports 4G LTE or WiFi Connectivity

elementary OS 5.1.5 Released with AppCenter and Files Improvements, More

The star of this release appears to be AppCenter, the graphical package manager of elementary OS, which will now let users install updates without administrator priviledges. In other words, there’s no need to authenticate yourself as with the administrator account when installing updates. This also applies when installing and updating Flatpak apps. Read more

Python Programming

  • Python App Development: Perfect Web Framework choice for Startups

    2020 is here, and so are new ideas for a startup. But how do you plan to handle the technical part of your startup? You obviously need an application if you want to reach the maximum customers. And if you’re going to hire people for developing your tech, Python app development should be their expertise. Not only because Python works for AI and ML, which are the future, but it enables web development unlike any other. If you’re looking to scale your startup this year, you should consider Python software development. Software development can be challenging. And if you have only a faint idea, you can face a serious setback. But Python for web development is extremely reliable for any startup. In fact, Python is going to compliment every startup in the near future. It offers functionalities and capabilities that provide integration with future tech. And every startup, even yours, would want to integrate with the future.

  • Some sessions from the Python Language Summit

    Mark Shannon shared his thoughts on a more formal definition of the Python language. It would not only help developers of alternative implementations understand the nuances and corner cases of the language, it would also help developers of the CPython reference implementation fully understand that code base. He noted that Java has a language specification and he thinks that Python could benefit from having one as well. Shannon proposed splitting the specification up into three parts: code loading (parsing, importing, and so on), execution, and the C API. For his presentation, he looked in more detail at the execution specification. For example, he broke down a function call into a series of steps: create a stack frame, move the function arguments from the current frame to the new one, save the instruction pointer, and push the frame onto the stack. Breaking things down that way will allow developers to rework how certain features are interrelated. The example he gave was that iterators came first, so generators were defined in terms of iterators, even though generators are the lower-level concept. If you were starting from scratch, it would make more sense to specify iterators as being built on generators. In his nascent formal semantics repository, Shannon made a start on defining iterators in terms of generators.

  • Using the Python sleep() Method

    If you want to set a time delay before executing any script, then you can use the sleep() function that is built into Python. This method exists under the time module. Generally, the sleep() function is used to halt the execution of the program for the given time period (in seconds). For example, if you are downloading a file from a location using a script that may require a certain time period, then you can use the sleep() method to inform the user to wait. This tutorial will show you some of the different uses of the sleep() function in Python 3.

  • How to Use maketrans in Python 3

    The maketrans() function is a built-in translate method in Python used to create character-mapping conversion tables. One character is translated into another character via this method. This function can be applied to string and dictionary data to map characters. Unicode representation of the character is used in the translation table. The translate() function is used to convert the data of the translation table into the string data. This tutorial will explain how the maketrans() method can be used in Python for character mapping.

  • Python List Sort

    Sorting data is one of the most common tasks when working with Python. For example, you may want to sort a list of team members by name, or a list of projects in order of priority.